POTD: Basic Military Training in Finland

    Photo Of The Day and we visit Finland for a look at their Basic Military Training. I think the weapon above is an M72 LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon).

    IV / 19 BASIC EXERCISE – Translated from the Finnish language:

    A seven-day combat and shooting exercise for the summer training period was conducted this week in Santahamina.

    The week’s program included a versatile set of exercises to teach and measure the soldier’s basic skills.

    The exercise consisted of patrol attack and defense shootings, as well as the demolition of tanks with a light one-shot rifle launcher and the shattering of a hand grenade.

    For combat training, the recruits complete, among other things, the basic military and weapon training courses and tested the masking force for defense training. The exercise ended on Thursday with a foot march in nearby Santahamina.

    The week was full of activity and educational. From here, it is good to continue towards new battles.

    Below: Shooting the RK62

    Below: Doing it right, and the hard way: Iron Sights.

    Pictures: Finnish Army https://intti.fi/erikoisjoukot/urheilukoulu