The Kali Key AR Bolt Action – Gimmick or California’s Savior?

    The Kali Key is one of those products that makes me sad it even exists. Having a product that turns your semi-auto AR into a bolt action with a few simple modifications. Now at first, I was somewhat puzzled why anyone would want to switch their AR to a bolt action and pretty much wrote it off. A few months after initially hearing about the Kali Key, a friend of mine had one and ask if I wanted to use it for a few months to see how it worked. I gladly accepted the offer and let’s dive into what the Kai Key is all about.

    What Is The Kali Key?

    The Kali Key is a part that replaces the gas key on your AR-15 bolt carrier group. Without the gas key on the bolt carrier group, the system essentially turns into a bolt action. Now I know some of you are asking why in the world you’d want to turn your AR into a bolt action but there are some interesting laws in the state of California that will help our friends behind enemy lines. In the state of California, most semi-automatic rifles are either banned or heavily regulated but the restrictions don’t count for bolt action rifles.

    With the Kali Key installed, rifles that were banned before for their features are suddenly ok under California law. So you can legally own an AR-15 with all of its features as long as the Kali Key remains in the gun. Now it’s not illegal to have a regular bolt carrier group and charging handle next to the safe or in your house. This means no one is stopping you swapping out the bolt carrier group when you go outside of California or if an emergency ever occurs. Having a device like the Kali Key changes the game for gun owners in California who want to have an AR-15 with all of its features without risking getting into trouble


    Practical Uses


    There’s another use for the Kali Key that many people may not initially think about. When hunting in various places, there will be states that will not allow hunters to use semi-automatic rifles. The Kali Key lets hunters use their AR-15 legally without having to worry about the legality of hunting with your rifle. The Kali Key opens up possibilities by turning rifles into bolt action without modifications.

    Suppressed Shooting

    Shooting suppressed either for hunting or target shooting can be a very enjoyable experience. Most mid-range and higher-end rifles will have some sort of adjustable gas block. Not every rifle has an adjustable gas block though so having something like the Kali Key is extremely useful. Being able to turn off the gas to make your rifle a single shot can be useful in making your rifle quieter overall. Having extremely quiet shots can be useful for hunting or just in general shooting enjoyment. The Kali Key takes less than a minute to install so its a fairly simple alternative to changing out gas blocks or switching ammo types.

    Overall Thoughts

    The Kali Key isn’t something for everyone but has some great applications for people looking to hunt or own certain firearms in restrictive states. I wanted to write off the Kali Key as a gimmick but after shooting an AR with the Kali Key, I completely understand the importance of this for people in California. This offers a way for people of California to have ARs with features on their guns without violating California laws. At the end of the day, it’s important to give people options when it comes to their freedoms and I think this is a step in the right direction. Let me know what you think about the Kali Key in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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