Gray Guns P320 Competition Trigger Upgrade Impressions

    My SIG Sauer P320 X-Five has been my main range handgun for about a year now. I’ve grown very fond of the striker-fired handgun but always wanted to try and bring it to the next level. I installed a Gray Guns adjustable flat trigger in my P226 Elite and it completely changed the feel of the gun for the better. I decided to pick up a Gray Guns P320 Competition Trigger Upgrade pack with a straight trigger to try out. Let’s jump into my thoughts on Gray Guns aftermarket trigger pack.


    The Gray Guns Competition Trigger costs $129.00 on Gray Guns website and includes all-new internal springs, a new competition spring, and new straight or curved triggers depending on what you prefer. Before installing the trigger, my X-Five had a 5.75-pound trigger with a bit of take up. The new Gray Guns Competition pack with the enhanced sear brought the overall trigger weight down to 3.8 pounds with a quick crisp reset and less initial take up.

    With the trigger pack, Gray Guns does recommend having a gunsmith install the trigger or send the gun in so they can personally fit the trigger to make sure everything works correctly. I decided I wanted to install it myself, and with a few videos online, I managed to install it without any issues. Before starting the installation, I was rather worried about how easy the trigger swap would be on the P320  chassis but with patience and taking your time, it was honestly fairly easy. It wasn’t as easy as swapping out a Glock trigger but it also wasn’t impossible. The overall weight of the trigger only went down about a pound and a half, but it completely changes how this handgun feels at the range.

    Range Time

    I’m not sure how exactly it happens, but every time I put a Gray Guns trigger into my handgun, I always seem to feel completely different. The gun feels faster with less reset travel and a much lighter trigger. This is not a defensive trigger pack but more a fantastic out of the box competition upgrade to the P320 series. I have spent a good amount of time with the new X-Five Legion and  I can say without a doubt this competition upgrade is just as good if not better than the trigger in the Legion series of the P320. The flat trigger that I chose with the trigger pack is thinner and a different profile from the factory trigger profile.

    The gun feels more refined and smoother than the factory X-Five. I think the Gray Guns trigger is very similar to an AMG Mercedes. On paper, the AMG is an enhanced version of the stock factory car and that’s kind of what Gray Guns does for my SIGs. Essentially, both guns are the same but tuned and enhanced for max performance. The upgraded trigger really shines when using IPSC or IDPA style drills with fast transitions.

    The SIG X-Five with the Gray Guns Competition trigger is perfect for gun Ricky Bobby because this gun just wants to go crazy fast. Over the last few range sessions I’ve had with the gun, my split times have fallen by 30% and I’ve been able to keep a tight group despite going faster. Since installing this trigger, I put roughly 850 rounds through the gun and the trigger has become even smoother. It’s hands down one of my favorite guns to shoot at the range.

    Overall Thoughts

    In the world of aftermarket triggers, there aren’t a ton of full competition packs available for the P320. Out of all the various triggers I have tried out, the Gray Guns Competition Package feels like the best of both worlds with a lighter crisper trigger that you can use daily. I prefer this trigger to the one that comes standard in the regular X-Five and the one in the X-Five Legion. If you own a P320 and want something a little different out of your trigger I’d say give it a try. Let me know what your favorite trigger is for your range guns in the comment below. If you have questions about triggers or anything else feel free to message me on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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