Bufferless BCGs Available for Pre-order from Evolution Weapon Systems

    Evolution Weapon Systems bufferless BCG

    The new bufferless BCG from Evolution Weapon Systems.

    In June of 2017, TFB reported that an innovation in the AR world was in development. Evolution Weapon Systems had begun working on a prototype bufferless bolt carrier group system for the AR-15 platform, and Instagrammer “thegatman” had posted a few teaser videos. These clips featured an AR capable of firing with its Law Tactical folding stock adapter locked in the folded position. The internal mechanics of how Evolution Weapon Systems had achieved this feat, however, were not revealed at that time. Fortunately, now that the bufferless BCGs are available for pre-order from the Evolution Weapon Systems website, we can now see what’s going on inside.

    EWS bufferless BCG 1913

    A partially disassembled 1913 rail version of the EWS bufferless BCG

    As some speculated would be the case while the product was in development, this inventive new BCG features an integrated spring system. Rather than the traditional separate single buffer spring positioned behind the bolt carrier, Evolution Weapon Systems has built a multi-spring setup into the actual BCG itself. With these springs executing the same counteracting and balancing purposes as a standard buffer system, the need for any rearward-placed disconnected buffer spring and system has been eliminated. Evolution Weapons Systems’ product allows those functions to be housed and performed entirely inside of the receiver. For your .223/5.56 AR, this means: no buffer tube, no problem!

    Law Tactical folder

    An AR equipped with a Law Tactical folding stock adapter.

    Evolution Weapon Systems currently offers the bufferless BCG in two variants. For a plain pistol endplate version with a T7075 aluminum end cap with QD mount, expect to pay $359.99. If you need a different attachment or more flexibility in your mounting options, they offer a 1913 rail adapter version for $399.99. Both options share the following characteristics, as per Evolution Weapon Systems’ website:


    • EWS Carrier field strips as standard AR15 BCG
    • Patent Pending Carrier machined from¬†8620 Steel (Black Nitride)
    • Patent Pending Buffer-Less Technology (BLT)¬† Recoil System
    • Standard Mil-Spec Bolt machined from 9310 Steel -MPI
    • Standard Firing pin
    • Standard Retaining pin
    • Standard Gas/Carrier key

    EWS 1913 plate

    EWS’ Instagram shows off their 1913 rail endplates, one of two options for their bufferless BCG.According to a recent post from Evolution Weapon Systems’ Instagram: “We have been working hard behind the scenes bringing this beautiful creation to life. We have upgraded almost every part in our system for better performance and reliability. Pre orders are coming to a close with intial (sp.) shipments just around the corner.”

    What this bufferless system will mean in terms of reliability, felt recoil, and durability all remains to be seen. Particularly with a Law Tactical in-house version also in development, it will be interesting to see what the future holds. We can look forward to more information soon as Evolution Weapon Systems ships these unusual new BCGs to folding-stock enthusiasts. If you purchase one and test it out, please let us know what you think in the comments. See you at the range!

    Law Tactical ARIC teaser

    From their website: maker of the famed folding stock adapters, Law Tactical appears to also be developing a bufferless system.


    All photos courtesy of Evolution Weapon Systems and Law Tactical.
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