All Glass Lens and Colors from Shield Sights

    At the European Handgun Championships (EHC2019) in Serbia a few months ago Shield Sights (U.K.) stole the show with some clever marketing.

    The shooting team from the United Kingdom had Shield-sponsored Jerseys in a strange Hawaii pattern with colorful Shield sights hidden among the flowers, which was accompanied by large posters around the shooting bays.

    As the owner of several Shield Sights (I use them for Shotgun and Handgun) the addition of a glass lens is welcome. Not that I have a problem with mine, but I prefer glass over plastic when it comes to lenses.

    In shotguns, I like the “full star” pattern red “dot”, which tells me where my pellets will hit (at a certain distance) with a certain choke. In handgun, I appreciate how low the optic sits over the barrel.

    The possibility to chose the color of your sight is another cool feature and follows the trend to allow the buyer (shooter) to customize his or her appearance. Who wouldn’t like to have a sight in British Racing Green? Personally, I’d love the blue color on my competition gun.

    Below you can read the New Product Announcement from Shield:

    Shield Sights Add All Glass Lens As A Custom Option On RMS Line Of Sights

    For immediate release – Dorset, England, U.K:

    Shield Sights, leader in mini red dot innovation, has added an all glass lens as a custom option for the RMS, RMSw, RMSc, and SMS sights.

    The addition of an all glass lens, provides a solution to customers looking for maximum scratch resistance.  The glass lens is clear and uncoated for maximum clarity in all shooting situations. The glass lens has no magnification value and provides a true representation of the shooting environment.

    Customers looking to order an optic with a glass lens, will select it as an option within the Customizer widget under products on the website. Customers ordering a custom optic from the website, will be able to select model, color, dot size, and lens material. Customers ordering custom optics can expect their product to ship within 4-6 weeks after the time of ordering.

    Custom Options & Features

    • Colors include Blue, Bordeaux Red, British Racing Green, Bronze, Crimson Orange, Silver, Gunmetal Grey, and Purple.
    • Type III Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
    • Dot sizes include 4MOA and 8MOA
    • Lens options SiO2 coated polymer, or all Glass lens
    • Delivery within 6 weeks

    About Shield:

    SHIELD was formed in the early 1980’s in Great Britain. Shield continues to manufacture the world’s smallest, lightest, toughest mini red dot sight. Sold under other brand names for many years, you may know the Shield Mini Sight as the Firepoint, Tasco Optima, Trijicon Red Dot or JPoint. Based on our in-depth knowledge, accumulated through 30-years in the industry, we are continually seeking to develop innovative products that will enable you to hit the target early.

    Full Custom Optics are priced like this:

    MSRP: 425 – 500 Euro

    MSRP: 500 – 600 USD

    To check and possibly order visit:


    What do you think of the colors offered and the Shield sight?

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    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too. TCCC Certified medic.