McMillan Z-1: The First Stock of New McMillan Universal Stock Line

    McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has announced a new series of rifle stocks called Universal Stock Line and introduced the first stock in this line – the Z-1. The key feature of these stocks is the universal inlet that allows using a wide variety of actions with a similar footprint and all kinds of barrel profiles without requiring the user to modify the inlet. For example, the Z-1 is compatible with a number of Remington 700 pattern actions: Defiance, Bighorn, Stiller, Kelbly, etc. The result of such a universal stock design is reduced wait time when ordering the stock as well as ease of switching barreled actions of similar patterns.

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    Here is an excerpt from an article published on McMillan’s website telling about why and how they designed the Z-1 universal stock.

    McMillan Fiberglass Stocks will always remain the forerunner in custom tactical, hunting, benchrest, and competition stocks. In addition to our present offerings, we work tirelessly with customers that need stocks inletted for specific actions and barrels. Still, we saw great possibility in a Universal Stock that could effortlessly accommodate a wide range of one of the most popular action types in circulation. Using a large collection of Remington brand and clone actions, we were able to compile measurement data and then calculate a precise inlet measurement that could accommodate each of them while maintaining their accuracy. While earlier stocks feature an inlet specific to their mated action, any action that shares the action diameter and guard screw spacing of Remington types will fit the Z-1 off the shelf.

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    The McMillan Z-1 stock has a low stock line that is designed to eliminate the need for custom cuts in the bolt release and ejection port areas making it even more universal. The overall profile of the stock is also somewhat universal making it perfectly suitable for tactical, competition and hunting uses alike.

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    The ergonomic grip of the Z-1 stock includes a trigger finger stop right behind the trigger guard as well as thumb rest shelves on either side of the grip. These features allow to comfortably grip the gun and have a consistent placement and index points for the fingers of your shooting hand. The Z-1 stock also features adjustable cheek rest and length of pull. These stocks will be available in a variety of bottom rail options.

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    Currently, the McMillan Z-1 stock is available on right-hand configuration only, however, the company is working on releasing an ambidextrous version too – now, that would make it an ultimate universal stock. They also plan to expand the Universal Stock Line by launching similar stocks for other popular actions.

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    The McMillan Z-1 stock is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $941.99. Right now it is discounted to $749.99. Currently, the stock is available for short action receivers and in the color/camouflage shown below.

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