DEALS Black Friday Through Cyber (Dyne) Monday – 12/2 @ 1345hrs

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    How anyone braves Black Friday chaos in person I’ll never understand. Unless Walmart decides to start handing out free AR-15’s, you’ll never find me in a post-turkey brawl at a big box store. I guess I’m more of a grab-a-coffee-and-hunker-down-for-Cyber-Monday kind of guy. Speaking of which, if you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed society’s march towards a war with Cyberdyne Systems incarnate Boston Dynamics. Their Spot Robot Dog launch has me searching for armor piercing ammo deals Black Friday crowds don’t typically search for. Take a look at the below video for a demonstration.

    Spot is an agile mobile robot that you can customize for a wide range of applications. The base platform provides rough-terrain mobility, 360 degree obstacle avoidance, and various levels of navigation, remote control and autonomy. You can customize Spot by adding specialized sensors, software and other payloads. Early customers are already testing Spot to monitor construction sites, provide remote inspection at gas, oil and power installations, and in public safety. Spot is in mass production and currently shipping to select early adopters. Find out more about using Spot in your application by visiting us at

    Speaking of gift ideas, the NYPost decided to take aim at our Friends at Henry Repeating Arms for suggesting that their AR-7 survival rifle is the perfect Christmas gift.

    Henry Repeating Arms

    Thanks NYPost – now I’m thinking about buying a couple AR-7s as stocking stuffers (they break down into a compact package). Consider picking up a Henry (Brownells) as a gift this season.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you here at TFB.

    Deals Black Friday Through Cyber (Dyne) Monday

    Cyber Monday is here at GunMagWarehouse!


    Brownells POLYMER80 Glock Frames $80.09 with CODE at Check Out


    Trex Arms – 15% Off

    Radian – 15-20% Off




    EuroOptic Black Friday Sales

    Black Friday Deals –

    Natchez Shooters Supplies Choose Your Own Black Friday Deal

    Black Friday Deals – Natchez Shooters Supplies

    Gorilla Ammunition – 20% off All Ammo

    Black Friday Deals – Gorilla Ammunition


    Black Friday Door Busters at Tekmat


    Up to 70% OFF Black Friday Door Busters! Receive 20% off everything else sitewide. Discount will be applied in your cart.

    Back in Black Friday at Tandemkross



    C Products Defense 5.56 30rd Aluminum Magazine – $6.97

    Palmetto State Armory Black Friday Deal – C Products Defense 5.56 30rd Magazine

    Matte black Aluminum 30-round 5.56 magazines for less than $7 apiece. What more can you ask for?

    GunMag Warehouse Sale

    Deals Black Friday – GunMag Warehouse Sale

    GunMag Warehouse’s Black Friday Sale. Deals on magazines for your Glock, AR-15, AR-10, AK, 1911, and more.

    Deals Black Friday

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    Choose Your BEST Black Friday Deal!

    Eotech Rebates

    Eotech 512.A65 (About $350 before rebate)

    Deals Black Friday

    Deals Black Friday – Eotech Rebates

    The 512 is our most popular Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) without night vision compatibility. Available in black for the tactical/recreational shooter and personal defense. Featuring buttons located on the rear with easy access for both right and left hand shooters and 20 brightness settings for dawn-to-dusk hunting as well as competitive shooting.

    Eotech 512.xbow – (About $480 before rebate)

    Deals Black Friday

    Deals Black Friday – Eotech  Rebates

    Designed with Crossbow hunters in mind, the Model 512 Crossbow sight utilizes the unique properties of holography to create optimal range scaling data in a heads-up display. A pre-calculated ranging scale (in yards) is projected on the target and measures the back to the belly of a typical mature whitetail deer (18”). Simply position the base of the scale on the belly (see diagram on the right) and read from where the back intersects the scale — it’s that easy. With the integral ranging pattern, there is no unnecessary body movement or added noise while in the stand. Both range information and aiming reticle are displayed within the same sight picture to quickly line up your shot.

    Eotech G33.STS Magnifier (sale price in cart before rebate)

    Deals Black Friday

    Deals Black Friday – Eotech Rebates

    • EOTECH G33.STS 3x Magnifier in BLACK
    • Magnification – Fixed 3x magnification in compact design
    • Quick Transitions – Switch-to-Side mount allows instant transitions between 1x and 3x magnification
    • Hws Compatible – Works with all EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights
    • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty – Comes with 10 year limited warranty
    Deals Black Friday

    Deals Black Friday – Eotech Rebates

    Yankee Hill Machine

    Deals Black Friday- Yankee Hill Machine

    Deals Black Friday –

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    Maven C-3 Binoculars – $150 Off

    Deals Black Friday – Maven C-3 Binoculars

    The Maven Black Friday deal is offering $150 off the C.3 binocular by using code C3150-BF on orders placed through The discount is automatically applied for orders placed on Amazon for Prime Members (non-Prime Members will not be able to access the discount on Amazon). This deal is being offered Thursday, Nov. 28 through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 1.

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    Ammunition Depot



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