POTD: Valhalla Precision in Aberdeen, Scotland

Eric B
by Eric B

In today’s Photo Of The Day, we’re going to have a look at some fantastic scenery in the area around Aberdeen (that’s a town in Northern Scotland).

Valhalla Precision is a creation by Roundhouse Firearms Training and Professional Sporting Solutions. Valhalla Precision offers a spectacular mountainous location with high angle shooting to 600 meters and reactive targets out to 2500 meters (that’s more than 1.5 miles). And to me, it looks like a shooting Valhalla! A fantastic landscape with perfect backstops.

I am sure the sun sometimes shines there as well, with no wind and blue skies!

Some of the things you will learn in their classes: Effects of Shooting Uphill or Downhill

They have an interesting class upcoming in May of 2020. It sounds all fun to me!

There will be very limited indoor classroom work, with almost all short lectures being held on the range.

The Craig shooting area we will use for this class provides multiple firing positions for high angle shooting between approx. 500m to 700m at steel targets. Access is from The Valley on foot, via 4 km of tracks and then 1.5km across moorland terrain; gaining 400m in elevation along the way!

This firing area offers stunning views and shooting opportunities, but is not recommended if you are afraid of heights or physically not capable of a good walk carrying kit.

If you’re interested in more than enjoying these pictures, you can e-mail them directly at valhallaprecision@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page here.

Some may think that you cannot own nice firearms in the United Kingdom but check out the Beretta Gallery in London. I was there just a week ago and unfortunately, the Sako TRG M10 was gone.

Beretta Gallery in London.

Eric B
Eric B

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