POTD: Live Grenade Training

    Have you ever done a live grenade training? I have, and it was pretty scary. Apparently, I was more curious to see what was about to happen than caring for my own safety, as the officer forced me down behind cover before the grenade went BANG.

    Today we look at some Czech soldiers from NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Latvia, as they conduct live grenade training in the Camp Ādaži, training area in October 2019.

    I am certainly no expert on hand grenades, the less I see them the better. But they look like Soviet F1 hand grenades, which is an anti-personnel fragmentation grenade. The total weight of the F1 is about 600 grams and it contains a 60-gram explosive charge.

    Nervous level: 100%

    A grenade like this can be thrown about 30-45 meters.

    POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, is TFB’s recurring articles where we go to great length trying to find the best pictures out there.

    All photos by Cpl Vuong-De Ramos. Source


    In case you don’t fear or don’t respect the effects of a hand grenade you should take a look here: Demonstration of the effects of blowing up a hand-grenade at the dinner table.