Aimpoint Introduces COMPM5b at Milipol 2019

    Aimpoint COMPM5b

    The New Aimpoint COMPM5b from Milpol 2019

    This year at Milipol 2019 the new Aimpoint COMPM5b was introduced. The Aimpoint COMPM5b, which uses Bullet Drop Compensation is a fresh take on the already existing series of COMPM red dot optics. Aimpoint achieved this by using interchangeable turrets for various ammunition types. These can be made to the exact specifications for specific ammunition. The red dot sight also offers wind or lead compensation adjustment to match each unique situation.

    Aimpoint COMPM5b

    Aimpoint COMPM5b

    This makes the new COMPM5b a standard 2 MOA red dot. However, as with all Aimpoint products, the COMPM5b will be extremely durable and have some of the highest battery endurance available on the market. Aimpoint has said that the battery life for a AAA battery is over 10 years on position 1-4 (10 red dot intensity adjustment settings including two different night vision positions).

    Aimpoint COMPM5b specifications:

    • Unlimited Eye Relief
    • Compatible with Aimpoint 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 Magnifiers
    • Compatible with Night Vision Devices
    • Dot size: 2 MOA
    • Battery: AAA, Alk./Lit.(1.5 V)
    • Battery Life: 1 Year at Setting 8
    • Battery Life: 5 Years at Setting 7
    • Battery Life: 10 Years at Settings 1-4 (Night Vision)
    • Power Switch: Rotary Switch
    • Weight (sight only): 180 grams / 6.3 ounces
    • Weight (std config.): 254 grams / 9.0 ounces
    Aimpoint COMPM5b

    Aimpoint COMPM5b – The New Exposed Windage and Elevation Caps

    Aimpoint says the sight will include interchangeable turrets calibrated for different calibers while also offering custom adjustment caps upon request. The new COMPM5b features exposed, locking turrets that are calibrated for use as ballistic drop and wind/lead compensation dials. This should prove to be extremely helpful on the battlefield.

    The CompM5b is fully submersible up to 45 meters (150 feet) and is compatible with all generations of Night Vision Devices, as well as Aimpoint’s magnifier line. A high-grade optical lens system gives the CompM5b exceptional light transmission and dot clarity, making the sight operationally parallax free, and providing a crisp, clear dot even under magnification. – Aimpoint Press Release Malmö, Sweden – November 19, 2019.

    Aimpoint COMPM5b

    Aimpoint COMPM5b

    I do like that they have incorporated four levels of night vision options as well as 6 levels of day time light options. This is a trait it shares with the T-series of optics. This should allow greater versatility for night vision users. I also appreciate that it takes the very common AAA battery and that its battery life lasts up to 1 year even on one of its highest settings. This puts the COMPM5b on par with some of its other red dot rivals. No word has been released as to how much the optic will sell for or what its availability is.



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