POTD: European Defense Agency Evaluating Grenade Launchers

    Photo Of The Day – In the pictures, we are located at the military training area in Bruckneudorf (Austria) where soldiers of the army school are busy testing new weapons.

    On this occasion, they are testing so-called “less-lethal firearms”, for example, devices that can fire grenades with irritant gas and smoke. (translated description and usage)

    The tests are part of a project of the European Defense Agency (EDA), in which Austria has taken over the chairmanship.

    The weapon above looks like a Milkor MGL (Caption only says 40mm Mehrfachgranatgewehr), which is not officially used by the Austrian Bundesheer. (Source)

    The soldier is also carrying a Sturmgewehr 77, Steyr AUG with a lot of optics, lights and lasers.

    I am not sure what this is, but it is called the “Powder Rocket” by the Bundesheer.

    This looks like fun, but I am also having my doubts.

    Shotgun with a “56 mm Grenade Launcher Tube”.

    About the European Defence Agency:

    The European Defence Agency was established under a Joint Action of the Council of Ministers on 12 July, 2004, “to support the Member States and the Council in their effort to improve European defence capabilities in the field of crisis management and to sustain the European Security and Defence Policy as it stands now and develops in the future”.


    All photos by Vzlt Planer Bruno.

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