Checking out Hold Up Displays Wall Mount – Installation and Initial Impressions

    A few weeks ago, I installed a Tactical Walls Modwall up and thought it worked great for hanging guns and gear. People seemed interested in the overall concept so I decided to check out a different company for comparison. I ordered an 8ftx4ft section to hang onto my high security bunker wall otherwise known as my basement. After searching around, I decided to try out the Hold Up Displays Gun Wall panels.  I grabbed two friends and we decided to mount this bad boy on the wall right above my gunsmithing table.


    Installing the Hold Up Displays Gun Wall isn’t a hard process for a regular wall with wooden studs. I had to do an extra step and predrill with a hammer drill into the concrete wall. We started by drilling the concrete wall and then mounting the bottom panel first to build upon the mounted bottom piece. It only took us about an hour to drill all the holes and install the panels completely. Even though the panels were not predrilled, it still was extremely easy to put up with help. The StrongWall Rail panels are made from aluminum and are really simple to install on each other. Since I had two sections being installed into each other, I also put connectors in between the sections for added rigidity.

    The StrongWall system was sturdy and didn’t flex when I started adding attachments which was a big plus for me. Some other walls I’ve used in the past have flexed under heavy weight.  They never have given me the best of confidence in their overall rigidity. The Hold Up Displays gun wall system and attachments are all made of metal which adds confidence to the overall structure. I ordered a plethora of attachments and accessories for the wall and each one has been well built and easy to use.


    In my previous article on Tactical Walls, I heard a lot of people say they didn’t like how a gun wall is an open invitation to have your guns stolen. I really like the Hold Up Displays gun wall for addressing this issue. As an accessory, Hold Up Displays sells locking devices that can lock up multiple guns with a cable lock. Cable locks won’t stop someone from stealing your firearms if they’re really determined. Realistically, it’s another step that will slow them down. Nothing will protect your guns like a safe but if you’re looking to have something like a safe room or have a way to organize your guns, this is a great option. Not many gun wall manufacturers offer solutions to lock your firearms to the wall, so its a nice change to other systems.

    Initial Thoughts

    I’ve had the Hold Up Displays StrongWall rail panels up for about three weeks and so far I’m very impressed with the overall design. I really appreciate the build quality and lock up of the wall. The sections are made out of aluminum instead of the typical Kydex or synthetic material. I have more confidence in the wall holding its structural rigidity with multiple guns on the wall. It’s cheaper than other options on the market with a base 6-panel system costing around $215.99.

    One Possible Combination with the StrongWall accessories

    I think this is one of the better systems on the market. Especially when it comes to holding a large amount of guns and gear. If you are looking to build a safe room, this system may be for you. I plan on writing a full review on the Hold Up Displays StrongWall in 3-6 months once I get more time using it under my belt. Let me know what you guys think of gun walls in the comments below. I already know there’s a pretty mixed view of them but I’d love to hear your reasoning below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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