POTD: Suppressed IWI Tavor and B&T APC9

    POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, is TFB’s recurring articles where we try to find the best pictures out there.

    Today we take a look at some suppressed firearms, on the frozen ground. As you can see neither the black B&T APC9 Suomi nor the IWI Tavor in O.D. Green blend in.

    To avoid the B&T Suppressor from freezing it has a cover from Cole-TAC. This one is made rather locally, in their factory in Latvia.

    The suppressor is welded and pinned on the B&T Suomi version. In Finland suppressor are license free (yes you read that right), but they used to have a legislation for minimum overall length. Hence they welded a suppressor to the barrel to increase the overall length, problem solved.

    To the best of my knowledge, the minimum length requirement is now gone, as probably one of the few positives with the EU Firearm legislation (EU Gun Ban).

    Switzerland versus Israel.

    The IWI Tavor barrel says “Made in Israel”. The suppressor is a NATO CQB made by SAI in Denmark. It has a Quick-Detach system for the NATO A2 flash hider.

    Which one would you have if you could have only one? The 9×19 mm or the 5,56×45 mm?