CA11 and CA12 – The Latest from Franklin Armory

    Oh boy! The fun they must have at Franklin Armory as they read Californian (and other states’) firearms legislation and invent new ideas and products.

    Recently they launched the “Title 1“, which technically was not a rifle, not a pistol and not a shotgun due to some clever sorcery. It is now time for Franklin to release two new AR pistols for the Golden State.

    For instance, the CA12 is the first California pistol ever to come approved with a forward vertical grip.

    Two More AR Pistols for California! – Minden, NV, November, 2019

    Franklin Armory, the makers of the first AR pistol approved by the CALDOJ for sale in the state of California, adds two new California Handgun Roster Approved Models – The CA11™ and the CA12™! Accepting orders now!

    The two new products are the CA11

    The Franklin Armory CA11™, chambered in .300 Blackout, brings a new caliber option to the California AR pistol market.

    With the following specification:

    • 11.5” barrel
    • Triumvir™ muzzle device
    • FSR™ 11.5” handguard
    • Libertas™ billet receiver set
    • Pistol Buffer tube with foam cheek pad
    • Detachable 10 round magazine

    And the CA12

    The Franklin Armory® CA12™ comes chambered in .350 Legend and is the first California pistol ever approved with a forward vertical grip! The CA12™ offers an excellent new option for hunters across the Golden State!

    With the following specification:

    • 12” barrel
    • FST™ 11.5” handguard
    • State approved forward vertical grip
    • Mil-spec pistol marked receiver set
    • Pistol Buffer tube with foam cheek pad
    • Detachable 10 round magazine

    To read more about the caliber .350 Legend please check here.

    I don’t know which legislation that comes into place for this rifle in this caliber, but perhaps the answer can be found in one of TFB’s previous articles?

    This round will be especially interesting to those of you living in states that have hunting of certain species restricted to straight-walled cartridges only.”

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