ASA: National Hearing Conservation Association Supports Suppressors

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    ASA: National Hearing Conservation Association Supports Suppressors

    It seems like a no brainer – devices that protect shooters and bystanders ear’s should be considered health safety devices. And now you have some official proof to reference the next time a skeptic looks at you sideways. Two weeks ago, the National Hearing Conservation (NHCA) sent a letter to the American Suppressor Association (ASA) supporting the use of firearm suppressors to mitigate hearing damage. Sounds like it’s time to buy another silencer.

    Also, the ASA is once again running a membership drive to support funding for their critical legislative, regulatory and educational efforts. Consider joining and/or donating to help give the ASA the resources they need. There are some pretty big prizes awaiting some lucky donors. Details below.

    National Hearing Conservation Association: Suppressors An Important Hearing Conservation Tool

    On Monday, October 28th, the American Suppressor Association (ASA) received a letter from the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) outlining their support for the use of firearm suppressors as a tool to mitigate hearing damage. In the document, NHCA also explicitly supports the Hearing Protection Act and similar legislative and regulatory reforms that seek to make suppressors more readily available to law-abiding gun owners. Penned by NHCA President Amy Blank, the letter was a response to years of inquiries by ASA staff.

    “The positive ramifications of the National Hearing Conservation Association’s letter of support for suppressors cannot be understated,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association. “ASA has worked for years to educate members of the medical and research communities on the realities of suppressors; assisting research, hosting demonstrations, and presenting to various boards, committees, and executive councils. We commend NHCA for being the first national medical association to take a fact-based position in the suppressor debate. In doing so, NHCA has affirmatively put to bed the false assertion that suppressors and suppressor related advocacy are not about hearing safety.”

    The National Hearing Conservation Association is comprised of the world’s leading experts on hearing loss. Their ranks include preeminent audiologists, scientists, physicians, engineers, and other experts from government, industry, medicine, and academia.

    As an independent organization whose mission is “to prevent hearing loss due to noise and other environmental factors in all sectors of society”, NHCA’s unbiased support reaffirms what ASA has said all along: suppressors are a hearing protection device that helps make shooting safer.

    American Suppressor Association Membership Drive And Raffle

    Enter Here: American Suppressor Association Membership Drive And Raffle

    The American Suppressor Association is spearheading the fight to legalize and deregulate suppressors, and are the front line defense against the anti-suppressor factions that want them banned!

    Over the past eight years, ASA has actively lobbied in 30 states, fought to ease the archaic restrictions on suppressors in D.C., testified in front of dozens of legislative bodies, hosted countless suppressor demonstrations for legislators, media, and the public, and funded research proving the efficacy of suppressors. As a result of our work, Iowa, Minnesota, and Vermont legalized suppressor ownership, and 18 new states have legalized the use of suppressors while hunting, propose ATF regulations on suppressor manufacturers were stopped, CLEO sign-offs were removed from all transfers, and transfer times are again beginning to drop.

    It’s time to get loud! Make your voice heard by joining ASA today. All ASA members will be automatically entered to win great prizes in our November Cans Not Bans Membership Giveaway!


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    Enter Here: American Suppressor Association Membership Drive And Raffle


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