Fun Reactive Targets: Sidewalk Chalk In A Bottle, And Some Air Pressure

    chalk in bottles as reactive targets

    For most gun owners, shooting never gets old, but sometimes, changing up what you shoot at can spice things up a bit.  Reddit user SP_OON, decided to make his own reactive targets from inexpensive and readily available materials.  He purchased some automotive tire valves, then fixed them to some screw-on bottle caps that fit used, plastic bottles.  He then added in a bit of colored sidewalk chalk into the bottle, then screwed on the valved cap and added a bit of air pressure through the valve.  The resulting bullet strike on each bottle sends up a very visible indicator that the target was hit.

    SP_OON provided the video below showing an example of how the whole system works when shot.

    SP_OON also took the chalky, reactive targets one step further by purchasing some PVC tubing to use as reusable stands.  He also chose to cut them at different lengths so that he could practice shooting at different heights.

    Homemade reactive targets and PVC stands

    Although SP_OON’s design is mostly reusable, provided you save enough bottles that work with the caps, there is a chance that an errant bullet will strike the bottle cap or the PVC stand, requiring a replacement of whichever parts needed.  Another Reddit user suggested that simply deleting the tire valves and extra air pressure would work similarly, without expending much of the chalk all at once.  It was noted that most plastic beverage bottles can withstand a number of bullet hits, and each time should send a puff of chalk into the air.  Cutting the valves and air pressure would not only simplify the process but also cut the cost and time involved in preparing the targets.

    If you’d like to make your own, SP_OON provided links to the same tire valves he used HERE and the sidewalk chalk HERE.  PVC pipes and fittings are typically found for sale in your local hardware store. TFB also reported about the Big Blast soda bottle caps for adding air pressure without having to make your own, which you can find HERE.  There’s also the Mega Blast bottle adapter that TFB reported on which you can find HERE.  I noticed in SP_OON’s picture that he also attached a stake to the pipe for sticking into the ground.  Another method would be to use a belt sander or saw to angle the bottom end of the PVC pipe itself.

    You can check out SP_OON’s original post HERE on Reddit.

    I haven’t tried either way myself yet, but what do you think of SP_OON’s concept?  Will you give it a try for yourself? If so, will you make yours with, or without extra air pressure?

    Doug E

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