POTD: The FN Patent 1900 as a Hunting Rifle

    -“This is one of my favorite hunting rifles, which I use a lot when hunting with my dog.”

    The FN Patent 1900 was patented in 1899, becoming one of the earliest semi-automatic rifles of its kind. The FN 1900 was only ever produced in the .35 Remington caliber.

    Without a doubt, it’s a rather unique hunting rifle.

    It has a long recoil just like the “sister” FN A5 shotgun and uses a rotating bolt.

    The rifle pictured was probably manufactured at the end of the 1920s, and still going strong.

    In the USA it is called the Remington Model 8, and it is said the model was used to take out Bonnie & Clyde with. It was the first commercially successful semi-automatic rifle offered for civilian sales in the United States. In Europe, the sales were much lower.

    Wikipedia describes the action. (Source)

    After firing, the barrel and bolt, still locked together, move rearward inside the receiver and compress two recoil springs. Then the bolt is held back while the barrel is returned forward by one of the springs permitting extraction and ejection. Once the barrel is returned, the bolt is returned forward by the second spring; in so doing it picks up a fresh round from the magazine and chambers it.

    The Remington Model 8 has a fixed 5-shot magazine and bolt hold-open device which engages after the magazine is empty. It is a take-down design, meaning that the barrel and receiver are easily separated with no tools, allowing for a smaller package for transport.

    Quote from The Great Model 8 (Source)

    If the Remington Model 8 is the grandfather of American semi-automatic sporting rifles, the F.N. 1900 is its European twin.

    The hunting rifle in the picture belongs to Håkan Spuhr, who also took the picture.


    With reference to Bonnie & Clyde: From the Netflix movie “The Highwaymen”: A variant of the original M1918 BAR, Colt Monitor Machine Rifle.

    At least one member of the ambush team that killed Bonnie and Clyde was armed with a Colt Monitor.” (Source)


    Do you use any odd firearms while hunting?