Franklin Armory Claims NASGW Caliber Award for Best New Shotgun

    Franklin Armory Claims NASGW Caliber Award for Best New Shotgun

    Less than a week ago The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) hosted its 2019 Caliber Awards.  Founded in 1953 to bring together shooting sports buyers and sellers together, NASGW provides education, marketing, and communication opportunities for its hunting and shooting sports wholesalers, manufacturers, and sales professional members. This year, Franklin Armory® received the coveted “Best New Shotgun” Caliber Award at NASGW Expo for their Reformation® RS7™ Firearm!

    Caliber Award

    Caliber Award

    What are the Caliber Awards?

    The NASGW Caliber awards honor manufacturers in the firearms industry for six different categories chosen by a panel of 18 industry judges. These awards are a unique, unbiased recognition of innovators in the field based on uniqueness, market needs, value, and ingenuity of the product.

    Caliber Award

    Franklin Armory President Jay Jacobson Holding the Caliber Award 2019- Not Pictured: Many Angry ATF agents

    Franklin Armory President Jay Jacobson said: “We are both very honored, and quite surprised, that we won the Caliber Award for “Best New Shotgun” from NASGW and POMA. I think this is the first time a firearm chambered in 5.56 NATO has received this award!”

    I find it delightfully funny that Franklin Armory has once again managed to find a way through the tangled web of ATF regulations and deliver a unique product. Even more impressive is that it managed to win an award with a firearm that uses a rifle caliber. The Reformation RS7 is chambered in 5.56x45mm – not traditionally considered a shotgun caliber.

    Caliber Award

    Franklin Armory President at Caliber Award Ceremony

    The Reformation® RS7™ features a patented barrel with straight cut lands and grooves, and since a “rifle,“ by definition, requires a rifled bore, it made sense that the RS7™ was placed into the shotgun category. Conveniently, the RS7™ is available at distributors and dealers across the United States, and it transfers to the consumer on a standard 4473. Reformation® is not regulated by the NFA, so consumers do not have to buy an expensive tax stamp or wait many months to acquire the RS7.

    Congratulations to the entire Team at Franklin Armory for this achievement!

    Caliber Award

    Caliber Award Winner for “Best New Shotgun” The Franklin Armory RS7


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