Focused for hunting – The new Schmidt Bender 3-21×50 EXOS

    The Schmidt & Bender hunting scope 3-21×50 Exos was introduced earlier this year, but are only now showing up. Apart from the introduction and description from the maker TFB have some really good pictures of the reticle from

    Below: Press picture from Schmidt & Bender.

    The 3-21×50 Exos has a second focal plane reticle which is illuminated (upon wish) in 11 settings. The illumination is also suitable for daylight, and the aim was to offer a scope that works both for short distances for the driven hunt and quick shot as well as for the precise long-range hunting shot.

    From the Product Introduction:

    The new Exos 3-21×50 is the latest addition to our popular high zooming Exos hunting line. Handcrafted reliability, repeatability and intuitive functionality are perfectly combined in this second focal plane, 34 mm tube scope.

    All scope parts are made of solid, hard anodized aluminium. The tube wall thickness enables the Exos to handle the harshest extremes. The various aluminium parts are chosen carefully in order to meet the tight tolerances necessary for the best quality. Schmidt & Bender guarantees to have the same production standards for hunting and military scopes alike, one of the reasons for the renowned Schmidt & Bender quality and reliability.

    One main feature of our new 3-21×50 Exos are the repeatable, robust and temperature resistant elevation and windage turrets. The accurate turret repeatability is ensured by the Schmidt & Bender unique ‘S-Spring Technology’. With an outstanding elevation travel of 39,5 Mil (42 Mil internal travel) this scope is perfect for handling anything from a close, quick shot to extreme long range distances.

    The turrets are designed to be easily operated in extreme temperatures from +70°C (158 °F) to –40 °C (–40 °F), even with thick gloves.

    The very precise parallax adjustment begins at 25 m/27 yd for close distances. It enables the hunter or shooter to estimate distance and to set the parallax accurately in order to avoid aiming errors in the crucial hunting/shooting situations.

    Every second focal plane scope suffers deviation when turning the magnification from maximum to minimum. Our patented ‘Minimum Deviation Technology‘ though, enables Schmidt & Bender to have a minimum of deviation in point of impact.

    The diffractive illuminated reticle in the second focal plane has the smallest deviation of less than 1 cm at 100 m (0,39” at 109 yd).

    The easy to operate illumination knob has 11 functional steps with ‘off‘ positions between each step. An intelligent automatic shut-off sensor turns power off after 6 hours or if the scope is tilted more than 45-degree to the side from vertical line or 70-degree upwards/110-degree downwards from horizontal line.

    These excellent pictures of the S&B EXOS are from

    The illumination restores automatically when moved into firing position.

    Schmidt Bender 3-21×50 EXOS

    The 3-21×50 Exos is the latest addition to the Exos line. The focus is on intuitive functionality, such as 11-step illumination technology including an automatic switch-off and the reliability of all components. The ‘S-Spring Technology’ developed by Schmidt & Bender stands for a precise and repeatable bullet drop compensation (BDC) with precise tactile clicks. Our integrated locking mechanism excludes unintentional adjustment.

    The patented ‘Minimum Deviation System’ ensures that any possible deviation from the point of impact is minimal. This makes the new Exos an ideal companion and a real all-rounder for all hunting situations.

    The pictures of the riflescope are fine, but what really shines are the ones taken through the lens at different distances and magnifications, so we can see how the reticle works.

    Below you can see 3x magnification at 50 meters.

    And 21x magnification at 50 meters, about 55 yards.

    The reticle is called D7 (2:nd Focal Plane)

    You get a nice overview with 3x at 1 000 meters (1 093 yards) , but probably too little to dare a shot.

    But with 21x magnification, we’re getting there, although I would prefer another reticle at this distance.

    The recommended price, in Europe, starts from 2,520 €.

    Pictures from

    Here you can find the product page of the Schmidt & Bender 3-21×50 Exos.

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    What do you think of the S&B 3-21×50 Exos? Is it something that would suit your need for hunting?

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