POTD: Remington 700 with Aimpoint Acro and EAW Twist Mount

    In TFB’s Photo Of The Day, old meets new, as we take a closer look at a custom EAW twist mount to make a modern Aimpoint Acro fit a Remington 700.

    EAW was founded by Ernst Apel Senior in 1919 and is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, manufacturer of mounts in the World. The name EAW comes from “Ernst Apel Würzburg”.

    Find out more about EAW mounts here: http://www.eaw.de/en/startseite-eng/

    Aimpoint ACRO 3.5 MOA. In The United States, the EAW mounts are sold via New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd.

    TFB were one of the first to test and review the Aimpoint ACRO (P-1). You can read more about it here: The new Aimpoint ACRO P-1 with Spuhr Interface.


    The custom work was done by Vapensmen & SHC AB, who also took all the photos.

    What do you think of the mount and the custom installation?