What Would You Buy If You Had An Hour To Spend 1 Million Dollars On Guns and Gear?

    Occasionally I’ll sit down in a restaurant with family or good buddies and strike up gun related conversations. A few years ago my dad jokingly said he would love to give me a million dollars to buy whatever gun parts I wanted, but the catch would be I only had an hour to spend it. He always laughed and said he had no doubt I could easily spend that on guns and gear if given the opportunity. It was a great conversation and whenever I go to trade shows or out to dinner with friends in the industry, I always ask the same question. Now don’t get me wrong, I know this article isn’t very scientific or informational but it’s something really fun to think about. Let’s dive into my choices for my 1 million dollar spending spree.

    Big Ticket Items First

    Now, I have to admit buying something like an older Huey Gunship seems like cheating to me. So I’ll keep my list to items that are more “practical” than a classic Vietnam era gunship helicopter. As soon as the timer started I would be calling various Class 3 dealers to acquire a few transferable machine guns. I would look for some of the rarer things like a Rock Island M60E4 or one of the few PKMs. I think I would stay away from the older stuff like the MG42s and Thompsons personally. Instead, would love to pick up a few different full auto AR lowers and modern variations. Paperwork and the ATF waiting time would be clearly much longer than an hour but I could still purchase the guns from the class 3 dealer.

    Once I found most of my class 3 items, I would start looking for easier transferable items. Probably one of the first things I would look for is the Barrett M107 with the matching suppressor. I had the opportunity to go out and put roughly 200 rounds through a friend’s M107 and it was nothing short of nirvana. I was slamming a 1/2¬† inch thick steel¬†silhouette at 400 yards like it was nothing and It was one of the best experiences so that would be on the list without a doubt. Let’s be honest, I would probably pick up a civilian legal M249 SAW from FN because they are simply awesome and something of a rarity on the market.


    When trying to break down percentages of my budget I think I would save 35-40% of my budget for ammo and shipping containers. It may sound insane but I know for a fact there are individuals in the gun industry who have multiple shipping containers full of various calibers buried on their property with a cement ramp leading to them. I would call a larger manufacturer like Federal and order a substantial amount of ammo for various calibers. Calling a manufacturer and saying you want $400,000 in ammo would probably open up some options and would really be a good start to a lifetime worth of ammo in various calibers. I would mainly go with mainstream calibers like 9mm, 5.56, 308, 6.5, and .50 BMG. It may seem extremely excessive but nothing would make me happier than having a massive container of ammunition at my disposal.

    Donating To A Great Cause

    When I first answered this I thought about what I wanted instead of thinking about helping others with learning and getting into shooting sports. Now that I’m older I have realized the importance of investing in future generations to keep our traditions and safe. I would take at least 20% of my budget and donate it to the various shooting foundations that help teach firearm safety and promote shooting sports to the younger generations. I think this is extremely important and gets overlooked too often so it’s always been something I want to contribute to later in life when I’m not young and trying to become established.

    Finishing Up The Hour Shopping Spree

    At this point, I would probably only have 10-15 minutes left, I would hop on a larger distributor like Brownells and would just go through what caught my eye and add it to my cart. This would be a perfect way to pick up some firearms I’ve always wanted in life but never had the chance to order before. I would look for different styles of handguns and rifles and just order new weapon systems to work on becoming a more well rounded shooter. I know you guys would pick different things based on what you’d like when it comes to guns and shooting accessories. Let me know what you guys would do in the comments below. If you have questions feel free to get ahold of me on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

    I’m an avid shooter and love educating whether it’s at my job or in the shooting community. I’m an average joe that really loves talking with other people about firearms and other passions.
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