Microtech Suppressors in the Wild

    About this time of the year, in 2017, TFB announced that the Microtech Suppressors had been approved by the ATF. Two years have passed and since then there has been very little news, other than a constant flow of new knives from the company.

    This all changed recently, and TFB got approval to quote the news and use the pictures by Top Shot Dustin Ellermann.

    Got to shoot microtechknives high end titanium suppressors.

    They won’t be available for consumers for several months since they are working on fulfilling government contracts first.

    But they had a very unique tone. Kind of like a bird chirp.

    Prices will be around $1 400

    Facebook: Top Shot Dustin Ellermann


    According to further information in the Facebook post, from other sources, the Microtech Suppressor gives a 42 dB reduction in the short wet configuration. These numbers had been 3rd party confirmed.

    The same source also confirmed that Microtech had won a military contract for their suppressors, but there is an NDA about the specifics.


    Picture: Top Shot Dustin Ellermann

    Titanium is expensive, but not as expensive as you might think. The machine time will play a major factor as a driving factor for the pricing.

    Picture: Top Shot Dustin Ellermann


    These pictures below are from Microtech, from an earlier event:

    At the NRA Annual Meeting Microtech Knives showed their prototypes called the R2-K22 and R2-K9 Suppressors.

    Full Auto and +P Rated! The R2 K9 Modular Suppressor from Microtech Defense Industries.


    According to previous information, albeit old, the Microtech suppressors will come in custom hard cases, including all accessories and mounting tools.

    Below: Glock 19X “Microtech Defense Industries” with one of their Suppressors. You may recall the SOCOM knife from one of TFB’s earlier articles.

    For more information about Top Shot Dustin Ellerman: http://www.topshotdustin.com/

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    What do you like best? Microtech’s Suppressors or their Knives?

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