NEW Night Fision Tritium Pistol Night Sights with GLOW DOME Technology

    NEW Night Fision Tritium Night Sights with Glow Dome Technology (1)

    Night Fision has announced the launch of new tritium handgun night sights that utilize a technology called Glow Dome. This technology is incorporated into the front sight design and as seen in the below-embedded image, its main design element is the dome-shaped optical part placed in front of the tritium insert. According to the company, the dome is designed to provide superior visibility.

    NEW Night Fision Tritium Night Sights with Glow Dome Technology (3)

    Another feature that will aid in making the dot brighter is that the Glow Dome sights have 30% more tritium gas compared to the competition as claimed by Night Fision. Surrounding the tritium is a glowing polymer tube that is designed to provide both day and night visibility of the front sight. This part is made of ballistic polymer and the company guarantees that it won’t “chip, crack, fade or peel under even the most adverse conditions”. The dome-shaped front clear cap is also made of a durable material that is used in making bulletproof glass. The body of the front sight is CNC machined out of steel.

    The Night Fision press release quoted Jacob Herman, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing, who said:

    Night Fision is known for innovation within the tritium night sight market. We are proud to continue to expand our product offerings with the launch of Glow Dome™ Technology. These new sights are unlike anything currently available. Consumers expect the best from Night Fision and we are excited to deliver an exemplary product.


    The Night Fision Glow Dome tritium night sights are available for several models of Glock, CZ, Smith & Wesson, SIG Sauer and Walther pistols in standard height configuration. Additionally, suppressor height Glow Dome sights can be purchased for several Glock and S&W pistols. When ordering these sights there is an option to choose the color of the front ring – yellow or orange.

    The prices of Glow Dome sights vary from $57 to $140 depending on the options and firearms they are made for. Click HERE to visit the company’s website, and find out the exact price for your pistol.

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