The Ignition Custom Engineering Nerf Rifle Has Been Retired

    The Precision Rifle Series Australia will lose a little bit of flare this year. The notorious Ignition Custom NERF Rifle has been retired. Throughout two years of competitive Australian precision and practical rifle events, the Ignition Custom Engineering NERF Rifle served with dignity and style.

    After two years of everything we could throw at it in competition, the Nerf rifle shot its last official match last year at the Ignition Custom Winter Classic Precision Rifle Series in Buchan, Victoria (we snuck in a quick hunting trip and decided it was a much better PRS rig!). -Ignition Custom Engineering

    Ignition Custom Engineering Nerf Rifle

    The Ignition Custom Engineering “Nerf” rifle

    The Nerf rifle is an upgraded .260 Rem Remington 700 rifle. The rifle has been accurized and replaced its standard extractor with an M16 Extractor. Other upgrades to the rifle included adding a spiral bolt flute and a replacement knob. Paired with a Swan barrel, precision rifle modular chassis and a Timney trigger there was little left to upgrade on the rifle, well almost.

    Ignition Custom Engineering Nerf Rifle

    Ignition Custom Engineering Nerf Rifle

    The loud paint scheme was the final upgrade to the rifle. Leaving the rifle and several gunsmiths unattended at the shop over the holiday break had its consequences, however. The resulting Nerf Cerkote job ensured the company’s new competition rifle would stand out amongst the crowd of black and even blacker rifles. But what kid didn’t want a nerf gun for Christmas?

    Ode to a trusty rifle

    Throughout its lifetime, the Swan barrel had approximately 1860 rounds fired through it. Normally at this point, you’d replace the barrel but this would mean pulling the accurized rig apart. But rather than ripping the rifle apart, they made the rifle a display piece – dirt, dings and all.

    The rifle will now tour Shot Expo and other events in order to showcase just how tough the custom builds from Ignition Custom Engineering are. Ignition Custom is building a new precision rifle to carry on the legacy of the Nerf rifle. Let’s hope that it’s just as loud and proud as its predecessor.

    Photo and Video Credit: Ignition Custom Engineering

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