POTD: Circus Kalashnikov in Vladivostok

    In today’s Photo Of The Day, we find ourselves in Vladivostok and something that looks like Circus Kalashnikov.

    About 100 military personnel from the Philippine Navy arrived in Vasldivostok in the landing platform docks named “Tarlak”As they were there on their first-ever visit, the guests were shown various shows-of-force, like how to pass an obstacle course and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

    How many soldiers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    The Filipinos themselves were given the opportunity to test their strength in the obstacle course.

    After instructions on safety measures, they trained in firing from standard issue small arms used by the Russian marines.

    A Kalashnikov rifle can be used for so many things. Like holding off the barbed wire for instance.

    For more information about Vladivostok, you can check Wikipedia. According to them, Vladivostok city is the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet. It is also the largest Russian port on the Pacific coast.

    All pictures via the Ministry of Defence (Russia).