POTD: Silent Danish Gat Build

    What do you get when you bring together replica STEN parts, a .22 semi-auto and a lot of hard work? You get a pretty cool build. Marius Horskjær, from Denmark sent us in some photos of a build he recently finished. Initially, asking if it might be eligible for our Hot Gat Fudd Crap series, wondering what you, our readers, would make of his work. Marius’ efforts are too cool to roast so I thought it would make a great POTD.

    A close up of Marius’ build with a repro Sten MKV foregrip and a MKII stock.

    Here’s what Marius has to say about his build:

    I live in Denmark where I am currently studying. As a part of what I am studying I am required to work for 9 month as an intern in some sort of metal workshop. I am fortunate enough that I work my internship in a business that sell, repair and build firearms – Benzon Arms ApS. Here I was allowed to make a few projects of my own…

    I had bought a .22lr Gevarm A6 open-bolt semi-auto carbine about a year ago, and I decided that I was going to modify it. Now in Europe these Gevarm .22’s are very cheap, I only paid 350 DKK, approximately 52 USD, for the gun without a magazine, but managed to track down a 21 round magazine for it. At the workshop I work at I have access to some CNC machinery and so I thought that a suppressor would be a interesting project as well.

    To give a short version of what I made, I combined my suppressor design and some repro Sten gun parts I found online and ended up with a integrally suppressed take-down open-bolt rifle.

    I think it’s a pretty cool build, one of the best looking Gevarm A6 I’ve seen in a while! What do you guys make of it? Marius would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your project with us Marius!