Franklin Armory Title 1 – New Long Gun for The Golden State

    Franklin Armory Title 1

    Franklin Armory Title 1

    Franklin Armory (Nevada) just introduced a new firearm which will be of interest especially for enthusiasts in the State of California (and similar ban states). “Title 1” is the name of the firearm which is said to have all features and no magazine lock.

    The “long gun” has a standard push button magazine release and an A2 Flash Suppressor. According to the manufacturer, the Title 1 can be used by “citizens who have legally acquired 30 round magazines“.

    TFB is investigating how Franklin Armory have created this long gun to comply with the current state legislation. With a barrel twist of 1:7 it is not a smoothbore, and the caliber is specified as 5.56 NATO.

    The “Franklin Armory Title 1” is not considered a rifle, shotgun or a pistol and therefore it cannot be defined as an Assault Weapon in California. (Their words)

    TFB had a discussion internally, and we think that Hrachya H probably got it right: “Looks like the Title 1 has a standard barrel, not one like the Reformation. I guess the reason it can have all the scary features (detachable magazine, VFG etc) is because it’s not a rifle because it has no stock, it’s not a pistol because it has a 16″ barrel and is probably longer than 26″ and it’s not a shotgun because it has a rifled bore.

    Below: From Franklin Armory homepage.

    The price is $944.99, Made in the USA, and you can read the release in Franklin Armory’s own words below:

    Title 1™ a New Option for California!

    Minden, NV, October, 2019– Franklin Armory®, the makers of CA7™ (the only California Roster approved AR,) introduces a new long gun for the Golden State that is neither “featureless” or “mag locked.”

    Franklin Armory® Title 1™ was created for our friends behind enemy lines where the modern sporting rifle is neutered beyond comprehension.

    While fixed magazine and featureless platforms will continue to have their place, Title 1™ provides a FULL FEATURE option to the consumer in restrictive jurisdictions.

    It has a standard magazine release and while it ships with a ten round magazine, civilians can use legally acquired 30 round magazines with Title 1™.

    Whether for hunting, competition, or defense, Franklin Armory® is constantly working to provide new options for the American Firearms Enthusiast.

    Some of the features:

    • Standard Pust button magazine release.
    • Can be used with 30 round magazine if acquired legally.
    • Can be used with any flash hider or compensator on the market
    • Very Stable with three points of contact including a padded cheek weld.


    By the looks of it, with three points of contact to the body, it actually looks like it could shoot rather comfortably. Obviously, the lack of a real stock is the biggest ergonomic drawback, but if your weak hand can get a grip on the vertical front grip you can push it towards your body.

    Below: Franklin Armory Title 1 with Winchester 5.56 mm FMJs.

    Franklin Armory Title 1

    Franklin Armory Title 1

    Technical Specifications:

    Barrel Length + Type  16″ LTW Contour
     Handguard/Upper  15” FST™ M-Lok
     Sights  Optic Ready
    Twist  1:7”
     Charging Handle  Standard
     Bolt Carrier  Salt Bath Nitride
     Lower  FAI™
     Trigger  Custom Tuned Trigger


     Gas System  Midlength
    Magazine 10 Round Magpul
     Muzzle Device A2
     Color  Black
    Buffer Tube Pistol
     Grip  Magpul SL
     Calibers  5.56 NATO

    About Franklin Armory:

    Franklin Armory is a Nevada corporation that specializes in manufacturing quality firearms for sporting, military, and law enforcement applications.

    We are very adept at creating products for restrictive jurisdictions such as our home state of California, and every firearm we make uses 100% American made parts and materials.


    You can order the Title 1 already now, but it will make its official debut at the NASGW Show (Orlando, Florida) on the 23:rd of October 2019.

    Looking for more. Check here and you shall find:

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