POTD: FN F2000 in Urban Operations Training

    The FN F2000 made its debut in 2001. Designed by FN Herstal in Belgium, it is a bullpup rifle chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO.

    I just had a look at the FN Herstal homepage and the FN 2000 is not to be found anymore. Rumor has it that the production has stopped. If true it is sad, but in some ways, it probably makes commercial sense.

    Members of eFP BG Latvia are performing intensive urban operations training in Lithuania, as part of Exercise URBAN TESTUDO. Take a look at these pictures!

    Canada, Montenegro, and Slovenia working together to conduct a live fire range exercise, sharing their knowledge on marksmanship.

    The targets fell , but their training and partnership are on the rise every day. Canadian Army 5e Groupe-brigade mécanisé du Canada (5 GBMC)

    From Wikipedia: (Source)

    In June 2006, the ministry of defence of the Republic of Slovenia signed a contract with FN Herstal involving the acquisition of 6,500 F2000 rifles as the new standard service rifle for the Slovenian Army (Slovenska vojska) along with the 40 mm GL1 grenade launcher.

    This is arguably the first confirmed large-scale adoption for this rifle by a European and NATO member country. The Slovenian army will ultimately purchase 14,000 rifles

    Below: FN2000s with iron back-up sight and PEQ laser.

    All pictures via NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia