POTD: Who can name the weapons in these photos?

    Today’s Photo Of The Day is a bit special.

    To make it a little different we are going to ask you to identify the different weapons (and weapon systems) in the photos below (and above of course). As many as you can please, it should not be too difficult.

    What you are looking at are Canadian Soldiers (notice the Canadian flag on the side of their arms), as they conduct training at Camp Ādaži in Latvia.

    The total area of Camp Ādaži is 7,950 hа, 12 km by 8 km wide. That is about 19,644 Acres.

    Since 1999 the Adazi Region is owned by the Ministry of Defence, to be used mainly for the purpose of state defense.

    The area is claimed to be a place where military activities meet nature protection measures. (Source)

    Now we switch weapon systems a little bit.

    All pictures from the eFP Battle Group in Latvia.

    Where you able to identify the two main weapons in the photos? Anything else? Please write below and please don’t cheat!