Otis Technology Acquires DRD Tactical

    New York-based Otis Technology, best known for their cleaning kits, have announced their acquisition of Atlanta, Georgia-based rifle manufacturer DRD Tactical. DRD specialise in tactical rifles receiving a number of foreign contracts in recent years. Back in August, we reported that DRD had received a contract to supply their APTUS(AMG) Rifle to an undisclosed US ally in Asia. Manufacturing will continue in Georgia, while admin and support will be run out of Otis’ New York state HQ.

    APTUS with a suppressor (DRD Tactical)

    Here’s what Otis had to say about the move:

    Otis Technology is pleased to announce that it has acquired the cutting edge brand of tactical rifles, DRD Tactical. The acquisition took effect October 1, 2019.

    DRD Tactical leads the market in the design and manufacture of innovative tactical rifles. Each rifle is designed around three key characteristics – discreet, reliable and precise. They specialize in a patented Quick Take Down rifle that ensures the utmost discretion when operators are traveling on covert operations. These rifles are designed for the military and law enforcement elite with a need for discreet carry.

    “We are very excited for this opportunity. Our technology and the base of our product line was built on innovation and it’s a key pillar of our values today,” states Larry Williams, CEO for Otis Technology. He continues, “DRD Tactical fully embraces that innovative culture with industry leading, patented rifle designs. We are extremely optimistic about not only the current product line, but what’s in development – as well as the huge potential in firearms and firearm accessories.”

    “DRD Tactical complements with the Otis Technology brand very well. Not only is Otis’ mainstay firearm cleaning gear but we have an incredible facility with advanced manufacturing capabilities. The synergy here is twofold – allowing us to vertically integrate as well as develop new products,” remarks Jim Brooker, Vice President Engineering for Otis Technology’s dedicated R&D Facility located in Phoenix, NY.

    DRD prides itself on designing and building firearms in the United States and operations will continue in their facility in Georgia while sales, marketing and administrative support will be out of Otis headquarters in Lyons Falls, NY.

    This is the second acquisition for Otis Technology in recent years. In 2018, Otis acquired Shooter’s Choice, the industry leader in firearm cleaners, lubricants & protectants.

    For more information on Otis or Shooter’s Choice products, please visit www.otistec.com and www.shooters-choice.com. Please visit www.drdtactical.com to learn more about DRD Tactical.

    Otis Technology is known for manufacturing the most advanced gun cleaning systems and accessories available. The superior Breech-to-Muzzle® design combined with unmatched quality has positioned Otis as the gun care system of choice with the US Military.

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