POTD: European Tactical Airlift Center

    Beware of various Heckler & Koch rifles in this Photo Of The Day, as we visit the European Tactical Airlift Center in Zaragoza (Spain).

    This is a multi-national training center for tactical air transport. Nine nations are currently participating in the European Tactical Airlift Program Training (ETAP-T), to work together to harmonize tactical procedures in transports by air.

    The training for the various flight crews is combined with tactical training for the maintenance crew, paratroopers and the Air Mobile Protection Teams (AMPT).

    Not sure if this is the MG4 (HK123) in 5.56×45 mm (most likely), or the larger MG5.

    Another G27 (HK417 – 16″).

    Here you can see the HK417 16″ (G27)

    The German Army also uses the G28, as a designated marksman rifle. It is based on the civilian MR308.

    All photos by The German Army / Bundeswehr. Gerrit Burow, Tim Topfstädt and Tobias F. König.

    You can also check the Norwegian Air Mobile Protection Team, with a slightly different choice of firearms.