Overt Defense – Introducing TFB’s New Sister Site

    The Firearm Blog are pleased to announce our new sister site dedicated to covering the latest military and defense technology news. If you’re interested in larger caliber guns, missiles, military aviation, naval news, armed and unarmed drones, the latest in ground vehicles and the application of special operations forces then Overt Defense has you covered!

    For many of our readers TFB has become their go-to source for the latest in firearms-related news, and we greatly appreciate your readership. But we recognise that many of our readers are also interested in wider military and defense news.

    So we have brought together a team of specialist writers covering everything from submarines to the space force, from the latest helicopters to missiles. Drawn from around the world, OVD’s writers come from a unique range of backgrounds which informs their analysis of events, weapons and technology. The OVD team will also be attending the world’s leading defense events and exhibitions, having recently attended DSEI 2019 in London, to bring you the very latest news.

    With OVD we are striving to be the source for everyone – from the industry insider to the educated layman, we aim to be an accessible, incisive and authoritative source for the latest news and analysis. OVD has been in action for a few months so there’s plenty of content for you to check out, some of which is linked below.

    Check out Overt Defense here, below are links to some recent articles:

    Yemeni Houthi Claim Ambush of Saudi Convoy

    Bell Unveils their Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft Contender – The 360 Invictus

    Modernized Artillery for Russian Forces in Kaliningrad

    US Air Force F-15EX Funding Approved

    Three Industry Teams to Develop Infantry Squad Vehicle for the US Army

    New Images Appear of First PLA-N Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock

    Libyan Proxy War Heats Up: 3 Ukrainian-Owned Il-76s Destroyed

    US Submarine Programs Struggle Amidst a Storm of Problems

    We hope you’ll enjoy OVD, let us know in the comments below which defense topics you most enjoy reading about!

    Matthew Moss

    Matthew Moss – Assistant Editor.

    Matt is a British historian specialising in small arms development and military history. He has written for a variety of publications in both the US and UK he also runs www.historicalfirearms.info, a blog that explores the history, development and use of firearms. Matt is also co-founder of www.armourersbench.com, a new video series on historically significant small arms.

    Reach Matt at: [email protected]