POTD: M32 Speedloader – For Your 40mm Wheelgun

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C
M32 SpeedloaderPhoto by VLTOR

VLTOR recently posted a photo of the M32 speedloader. Yes, it is a speed loader for their revolver grenade launcher. If you were one of the few that could afford the $15k transferable Milkor M32 grenade launcher then this is a must-have accessory for you! Are you tired of loading 40mm chalk rounds one at a time like a schmuck? Why waste time reloading when you could be spending that time shooting? VLTOR has what you need. You can even get a pouch to hold your loaded M32 speedloader. Can you imagine a battle belt adorned with multiple pouches all the way around your waist? Awesome. LOL

Actually, I wonder if VLTOR could make moon clips for the M32? I am not a fan of speed loaders. Sure they are faster than loading them one at a time but not as fast as moon clips. It seems that would be more expedient and there is no need to discard anything until all six rounds are fired. Just watch Jerry Miculek shoot a moon clipped revolver and you will see what I mean.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • PK PK on Oct 15, 2019

    Looks like it'll work with the DefTec/Penn/CT 40mm rotary guns, too... I wonder if they'll sell me one or two of these speedloaders. Could be great fun!

  • Guest Guest on Oct 15, 2019

    Those would be great for a drop pouch.