DeSantis Adds Holsters To Fit The SIG SAUER P365 XL

    DeSantis holsters for SIG P365 XL

    DeSantis recently debuted no less than 10 holsters designed to fit the SIG SAUER P365 XL pistol.  TFB has kept readers up to date with the latest DeSantis has to offer over the years.  The SIG SAUER P365 and P365 XL have become quite popular.  Below are the latest holster models that DeSantis has updated to include the P365 XL option.  DeSantis did not have updated pictures at the time of the press release, but the links included will show the looks and features of each holster


    #M78, Infiltrator™ Air

    This IWB holster is adjustable for both height and cant. The front holster component is precision-molded Kydex® and the back component is all synthetic and “breathable” material. It is fitted with our Tuckable C-Clips. Optional “J” clips are available. MSRP is $86.99 FIND IT HERE


    #085 Thumb Break Mini Slide®

    Premium saddle leather, double seams and a highly detailed molded fit, make this exposed muzzle, tight fitting, two-slot holster a great choice for your favorite pistol. It features an adjustable-tension device. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide. MSRP is $74.99 FIND IT HERE


    #086 Mini Slide®

    This holster features double stitched seams and precision molding. It is designed to meet the needs of plainclothes professionals preferring a tight riding holster without a thumb break. The Mini Slide® is fitted with a tensioning screw and 1 ¾” belt slots. MSRP is $71.99 FIND IT HERE


    #115 E-Gat Slide™

    This is a basic neutral cant concealment OWB holster that works equally well on the strong side and cross draw. The E-Gat Slide™ works with both revolvers and autos and is offered only in BLACK-finished top grain leather. MSRP is $35.99 FIND IT HERE


    #M65 Invader™

    This is an extremely comfortable synthetic IWB, tuck-able holster. The body pad is built from edge bound neoprene, ballistic nylon and other synthetic materials, while the formed holster component is precision thermo-molded from sturdy Kydex® sheet. The durable C-Clips are made of glass-reinforced nylon for lasting durability. This model is easily user adjustable with included hex wrench. J-Clips are also available separately. MSRP is $50.99 FIND IT HERE


    #176, Intruder® 2.0

    The newest iteration of the Intruder® line adds modular OWB belt loops. The Intruder® 2.0 is an IWB/OWB configurable unit. Comfort is the key with tuckable struts for concealed carry and user set cant angle. The premium steer-hide is coated in polyurethane to protect the leather and the gun. The bodies are molded from Kydex® for a precise retained firearm fit. MSRP is $78.99 FIND IT HERE


    #042 Facilitator™

    This holster is constructed of rigid .125 Kydex® sheet and glass reinforced nylon for strength and durability and features our Redi-Lok™ trigger locking device. It can be worn strong side (butt rearward), cross draw (butt forward), or small of back (almost horizontal). The Facilitator™ is SLIM, which makes it much more concealable than the competition. The combat proven Redi-Lok™ makes this model very secure and snatch resistant. The Redi-Lok™ is a trigger locking device that is totally instinctual so almost no new training will be necessary. It is located on the inboard side so it’s out of the sight of any adversary. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide. Available in black. MSRP is $56.99 FIND IT HERE


    The #146, Raptor™ Holster is a high ride OWB/IWB Kydex®-thermoformed holster. It is pre-formed with a curved back with most of the detailed molding on the outer portion. This adds to both comfort and concealability. The Raptor™ comes with belt loops for 1 ½” and 1 ¾”. It also features a trigger guard detent and rear sweat guard. MSRP is $79.99 FIND IT HERE


    The #147, SL Raptor™ is a high ride OWB/IWB Kydex®-thermoformed holster. It is pre-formed with a curved back which adds to both comfort and concealability. Most of the detailed molding is in the outer portion. The SL Raptor™ comes with belt loops for 1 ½” and 1 ¾”. It also features a self-locking Redi-Lok™ (trigger locking device) and rear sweat guard. MSRP is $83.99 FIND IT HERE


    #D94 DS Paddle™

    Say goodbye to the shape-shifting or long break-ins typical of leather holsters. The DS Paddle™ holster is light, incredibly durable and custom molded to pair perfectly with your firearm. The secret to The DS Paddle’s success is KYDEX® – a technologically advanced thermoplastic that is feather light yet incredibly strong. Because KYDEX® can be molded with pin-point precision, there is minimal friction when drawing your gun. A unique dual tension device keeps your gun planted in the holster for realistic every day carry. Customization is possible for both front and rearward cant. The DS Paddle™ also comes with optional belt attachment. MSRP is $47.99 FIND IT HERE


    If you’ve used any of these holsters before on other models, tell us your experience with them.  Are there any of these holsters from DeSantis that you’re interested in holding your new P365 XL?


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