New MDT LSS-RF Gen2 Chassis System for .22LR Rifles

    The Canadian company Modular Driven Technologies continues to push out new chassis systems for our pleasure.

    This time it’s a chassis made for many of the popular .22LR caliber rifles and it’s named LSS-RF Gen2 Chassis System.

    The new chassis comes with M-LOK pattern attachment slots on sides and bottom of the forend, barricade-stop grooves ahead of mag-well and a side-relieved mag well.

    If you own any of these rifles Ruger American, Savage A22, Savage B22, CZ 455, Savage Mark II – compatible with 93R17 or Anschutz Match 54 – Model 1710 and 1712 you have the main component for this chassis.

    The details, from MDT directly:


    Our LSS-RF chassis system for .22LR caliber rifles is lightweight and compact, and adopts the same footprint as the LSS. You will notice a significant improvement in accuracy due to the V-shaped bedding and free floated forend, which allows for barrel contours up to 1″ in diameter.

    The chassis system is manufactured out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and has been finished with Cerakote™ in Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

    To keep this chassis system compact, we have designed it to take carbine AR-15 buttstocks. Fixed buttstocks can also be mounted with the use of a fixed stock adapter.

    The LSS-RF uses the factory magazine, and each chassis is compatible with all factory barrel contours.

    Because we have lowered the buttstock interface, The Savage Mark II, CZ 455 and Ruger American can use iron sights with this chassis. If you are using a scope, we recommend a stock with a cheek riser.


    The MDT LSS-22 chassis system is currently manufactured for the following bolt action rifle platforms:

    • Ruger American
    • Savage A22
    • Savage B22
    • CZ 455
    • Savage Mark II – compatible with 93R17
    • Anschutz Match 54 – Model 1710 and 1712

    The LSS-RF now also fits 17 HMR or 22 WMR versions and will fit all heavy factory barrels.

    Important Notes

    • The Ruger American requires the two OEM fixing components in addition to the magazine
    • The Savage Mark II, CZ 455 and Ruger American can use iron sights
    • The CZ455 will not work with the CZ455 Tuning trigger

    Mounting and Compatible Accessories

    The LSS-RF chassis is designed to accept any AR-15 carbine buttstock and pistol grip (purchased separately), and allows for customization with a wide variety of accessories.

    Mounting holes are spaced for Magpul style L5 (11 slots), and L3 (7 slots) rails (1.600” / 3.200”) to be used on the bottom of the forend and are compatible with our Aluminium Picatinny Rails with Flush Cup Sling Mounts.


    • Up to 21% increase in accuracy
    • CNC Machined from 6061 aluminum
    • Cerakote Finish (in Black or Flat Dark Earth)
    • M-LOK compatible
    • Designed for carbine AR-15 buttstocks
    • Accepts AR-15 pistol grips
    • Lightweight, free-floating modular forend
    • Accommodates barrels up to 1″ diameter.
    • Length of pull of 11.5”-14.75” (based on Hogue stock)
    • Compatible with OEM Magazines
    • Weight: 1.4lb – 1.6lb

    This would be a great chassis to review for TFB’s new Rimfire Report under Luke C.

    The price from MDT is from US$399.00. Read more about it here: LSS-RF Gen2 Chassis System.

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