POTD: Steyr AUG (Oberland Arms OA-UG)

    Steyr AUG clones? Have you ever heard of the one made by Oberland Arms?

    In this Photo Of The Day, we take a closer look at one, plus some of the modifications done with it.

    Now the upgrades are complete! Meet my Steyr AUG clone with shell deflector and mag button by Corvus Defensio plus QD sling sockets and scope shell by ClawGear

    One of my favorite rifles just got a whole lot better! One of the problems with nearly all bullpup rifles is the ejection port that sits right on the opposite side of where your face is. And as soon as you transition shoulders, those spent, ultra-hot cases are flying right into your face.

    Not anymore! Austrian manufacturer Corvus Defensio is offering a lot of nifty little upgrades for the Steyr AUG family of rifles – and among those upgrades is the shell deflector I have just put on my personal semi auto Steyr AUG clone. It only takes a minute to install and boy, what a difference it makes!

    No more brass in your face!


    The pictures are from Germany and Schrombo, used with permission. Please check his Instagram or Facebook out.

    Oberland Arms (Germany) can be found here: http://www.oberlandarms.com

    You can find the Hompage of Corvus Defensio here: https://corvusdefensio.com/de/

    They are based in Vienna, Austria.


    I have shot both the 9×19 mm and the .223 Rem Steyr AUGs. How about you, have you ever tried any of them?