CROM USA’s ZhuCROM – A Zhukov Handguard For Ruger PC Carbine

    If you recall, CROM USA made a chassis for the Ruger PC Carbine that allows you to use a Magpul Mossberg SGA stock. Well they have taken another Magpul product and modified it for use on the Ruger PC Carbine. The ZhuCROM is a modified Zhukov AK handguard and it will be available soon.

    The Magul Mossberg SGA stock and AK Zhukov handguard seem to be ripe for mounting on other platforms outside of what they were intended for. Aridus Industries uses them in their Beretta 1301 upgrades.

    The ZhuCROM basically replaces the factory AK-47 barrel clamps for ones that fit a Ruger PC Carbine barrel. They are also making a railed top for the rear barrel clamp to mount an optic that will co-witness the factory PC Carbine irons. If you look above their Scout version has a forward mounted optic. It is a 7 slot rail.

    I was a little concerned about the diving board like rail but if you look above the barrel clamp there is plenty of picatinny rail slots. You would just move the optic closer to the barrel clamp and not have to worry about your zero shifting.

    If you want a cleaner look you can opt for their normal barrel clamp. And ostensibly Brian Miller’s optic rail might fit this setup.

    I like the Zhukov handguard on my AK and it was a huge improvement for the Beretta 1301. If you do not want an aluminum handguard then this seems like a good upgrade. You can attach any MLOK accessory you want. A simple light and maybe a laser on the other side would be perfect. You can even attach handstops or a vertical grip to the bottom if you so desired.

    The ZhuCROM handguard is only modified at the rear to allow you access to the take down lever.

    The minimalist and scout versions of the ZhuCROM are currently available on CROM USA’s website. The Minimalist retails for $125 while the scout version is $150.

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