TFB Exclusive: Cabot Guns FIRE & ICE Set

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    Cabot Guns has kindly provided us an exclusive first look at their latest work of art – the Fire & Ice set. The items included in this set are made with the use of rarest materials perfectly mated together by Cabot Guns masters creating this symphony of shapes and lines. Cabot Guns describes the philosophy of this project as follows:

    Elemental. Opposite. Yet perfectly matched. There have always been examples of pure symmetry in nature. Summer and winter; air and water; earth and sky; yin and yang. While not exactly harnessing these eternal, relentless forces of nature, Cabot Guns is proud to introduce another instance of its kind: Fire and Ice, perhaps the most beautiful set of pistols ever crafted, an astonishing pair of matching, mirror-image 1911 pistols.

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    The core of the Fire & Ice set are two 1911 pistols one of which is right-handed and the other one – left-handed. The pistols represent exact inverted copies of each other down to the direction of riflings in the bore. Everything about these pistols is unique. The slides and frames, as well as many of the other parts, are made of Damascus steel and the blue/silver colored grips, trigger and cocking knobs are made of Timascus. If Damascus steel consists of layers of stainless steel (120 layers in this case) forged together, the Timascus is created with the same technique except the material used is different types of titanium. But these are not the rarest materials used in these guns. The front and rear sights are made of a meteorite and the magazine release button has a sapphire set into it. Last but not least, after being hand polished, the parts of these guns are treated with the Cabot Guns proprietary Black Ice Diamond-Like Carbon Finish which gives a mesmerizing play of light on the surfaces of the guns.

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    Besides the pistols, the Fire & Ice set also includes other accessories made of the materials left after machining the major components of the guns. These accessories include a knife with a Damascus blade and Timascus handles, a barrel bushing wrench, medallion and a hammer with a Damascus steel head. All the items of the Fire & Ice set are stored in a custom Cape buffalo leather bound case.

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    To learn more about the Fire & Ice set, watch the below embedded video where Robert Bianchin, the president and founder of Cabot Guns, and Kyle Alberda, production manager of Cabot Guns, tell the story of the creation of this incredible masterpiece.

    Isn’t this set the definition of the word custom? Besides the use of rare materials and complex machining techniques, can you imagine how many hours of the highest skilled labor it took to design and implement this project? No wonder why it cost the customer over $100,000!

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