Flux Defense Unveil MP17 PDW Adaptor System

    Flux Defense MP17 (Flux Defense)

    Flux Defense, best known for their quick deploy stock system for pistols, have announced their latest product, a PDW Adaptor System for the SIG Sauer P320/M17 – the MP17. The MP17 adaptor turns the pistol into a holsterable personal defence weapon. The adaptor essentially replaces the grip frame of the P320 using the SIG’s fire control group, barrel, slide and recoil spring.

    Flux Defense say it “shoots like a primary, holsters like a pistol”, is able to carry 43 rounds, in two magazines, on the system. Described as a ‘shoulderable sidearm’ the adaptor system includes a spring-loaded stock, the ability to mount a red dot sight and have a forward grip with a spare magazine close at hand.

    Flux Defense MP17 adaptor and an M17 (Flux Defense)

    The adaptor weighs 2.8 lbs empty while running with a full size P320 slide. With the stock collapsed the weapon is 10.75 inches long and 5.75 inches tall, width comes in at 1.6 inches. Below are some of the features listed on Flux Defense’s site.


    Holds up to 43 rounds. Carries an extra mag.

    QD mount for slings.

    Optional Duty Holster – Level 2 Retention. Multi-light compatible – most Streamlight, Surefires and Inforces. The drop in holster is suppressor compatible as well.

    Patent Pending one-handed deployment. (Spring-loaded.)

    Optic mount works with most red dot sights – RMR™, Holosun®, Deltapoint™, and more. It also works with a pic rail for use with larger optics like, Aimpoint®, Eotech® etc.

    Pic rail for pistol flashlights and IR Lights/Lasers – Optional Duty Holster works with most lights/lasers made for pistols.

    Check out Flux Defense’s promo video for the MP17:

    The system can be used with a variety of SIG Sauer’s P320 pistols including the SIG M17 Modular Handgun System, the full size commercial SIG P320, the X-Five full size, and the P320 TACOPS full size. If you’re looking to run one of the smaller, shorter barrel P320s then you’ll need to be running a comp, extended threaded barrel or a suppressor with Flux Defense warning you could suffer a ‘serious injury’ – likely to your supporting hand caused by muzzle gases.

    The MP17 adaptor obviously does not include the firearm or the trigger control group and slide. Nor does the package include the MP17 compatible holster. The adaptor will be available to both the military and law enforcement as well as commercial sales with a pistol brace version coming in with an MSRP of $399 and Flux Defense note a 5-6 week lead time. An SBR version, at the same price point, is also on the way. Find out more at www.fluxdefense.com

    James recently took a look at Flux Defense’s Flux Brace for Glocks, check out his video here.

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