Small Arms Solutions Shows Prototype Adjustable AK Gas System

    Small Arms Solutions Shows Prototype Adjustable AK Gas System

    Chris Bartocci of Small Arms Solutions has published a video showing a prototype adjustable AK gas system which is being developed in cooperation with Ukrainian engineers. As shown in the top image, this system consists of a new gas tube, operating rod that replaces the AK piston, a new short piston with its spring and the actual adjustment valve that is inserted into the AK gas block and provides an external adjustment knob. Let’s watch the Small Arms Solutions video first.

    You may argue that AK was designed to be overgassed and that’s one of the key reasons why it’s so reliable and there is no need for an adjustable gas system to keep the system running. And you’ll be right. However, as Chris mentions in the video, when it comes to turning the felt recoil down or adjusting the system for different bullet weights/loads or tuning the rifle for use with suppressors, then the adjustable gas system becomes a really valuable asset.

    Small Arms Solutions Shows Prototype Adjustable AK Gas System 1 (1)

    The new shorter op rod compared to the standard piston.

    One possible drawback of this system is that the separate gas piston and its spring are two small parts that can be relatively easily lost when maintaining the rifle in the field. On the other hand, it’s basically a short stroke piston system and may result in much cleaner running gun by cutting off most of the gasses that leak back to the receiver in standard rifles.

    Small Arms Solutions Shows Prototype Adjustable AK Gas System 1 (2)

    The gas valve

    Tell us in the comments section what do you think about this prototype adjustable AK gas system? How do you think it compares to other gas system adjustment solutions on the market such as the KNS Precision adjustable gas piston or Definitive Arms DAG-13 adjustable gas block? Do you think such a modification of the core operating mechanism of this weapon system is a way to improve it or are you in the “Nyet, the rifle is fine” camp?

    Images are screenshots from the embedded Small Arms Solutions video

    UPDATE 4/13/2020. Small Arms Solution has published another video showing the new version of this adjustable gas system. 


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