Russian Bespoke Gun Phantom H Bolt-Action Rifle

    Russian Bespoke Gun Phantom Bolt Action Rifle (1)

    While browsing the Russian firearms/defense news, I came across an article published on the website of Russian newspaper Izvestiya telling about a new bolt action rifle called Phantom H. This rifle is made by a Russian company called Bespoke Gun which as its name implies is specialized in making custom bespoke rifles. It is apparently a new company co-founded by another Russian small arms manufacturer called Moscow Arms Company (Московская оружейная компания).

    Russian Bespoke Gun Phantom Bolt Action Rifle (1)

    What immediately jumps out is the stock design of this rifle which has a rather futuristic appearance due to all the angled surfaces. The stock is made of carbon fiber. According to the Izvestiya article, the geometry of the stock is designed to allow consistently shouldering the rifle in the most efficient way. If you grip or shoulder it in an “incorrect” way, then it will simply be uncomfortable.

    Bespoke Guns Phantom H has a completely new action with some elements borrowed from the Accuracy International, Tikka and Remington rifles. The action features a three-lug bolt and it’s fed from detachable box magazines. The trigger mechanism is “compatible with Remington” (presumably Remington 700).

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    The only caliber option currently listed on the company’s website is the .300 WSM. With the shown 16″ heavy profile barrel, the overall length of the rifle is 985mm (39″) and it weighs 4 kilograms (8 lbs 13 oz). The company claims that in this configuration and in the “hands of an experienced shooter” the rifle is capable of 0.1 MOA accuracy. That’s a benchrest railgun accuracy claimed to be achieved in a hunting rifle. As proof of that statement, they show the following target images on their website.

    Lastly, here is a set of images of Bespoke Gun Phantom H rifle found on the company’s website:

    Russian Bespoke Gun Phantom Bolt Action Rifle (4)

    Unfortunately, there are no images of the bolt and other action elements that are said to be designed from the ground up. I’ve contacted the company and hopefully, we’ll learn more about this new action. Stay tuned!

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