TargetVision – New Longshot Hawk, Marksman and ULTRA HD LR-3 Target Cameras

    TargetVision of Pearland, Texas is a national leader in long-range target cameras. For the long-range shooter, getting a clear view of your shots can be a time-consuming hassle and TargetVision has the solution. Conceived by founders, Clay Rhoden, Richard Rhoden, and James Hoffman, the three combined their experience and knowledge to form TargetVision. Combining their experience of CCTV camera systems, component level electronics and their passion for shooting TargetVision aims to bring the shooting industry into the 21 century. TargetVision is proud to announce its new line of Longshot Target Cameras.

    longshot case

    The Longshot Target Camera System

    TargetVision’s claim to fame is the Longshot Target Camera system. This camera system brings long-range shooting into the modern age, making it easier for shooters to reliably check their targets without disturbing their shot string. TargetVision offers a small array of high-quality products that enhance the shooter’s experience. Most notably a Wi-Fi enabled long-range target camera system that streams live HD video to a connected device. TargetVision has 3 new offerings available for shooters across the nation.

    LONGSHOT™ Hawk

    longshot hawk

    The Longshot Hawk seeks to turn your already existing spotting scope into a high-tech spotting scope. Combining the best traits of a physical spotting scope with TargetVision’s Longshot system, a shooter can fit their spotting scope with Longshot technology. Pairing this system with the Longshot app makes for a trusty high definition hunting or shooting companion.

    The LONGSHOT™ Hawk Digiscope Target Camera turns any spotting scope into a target camera in just minutes. Simply slide the Hawk over the eyepiece on your spotting scope and open the LONGSHOT™ app on a smartphone or tablet to view the camera feed and unlock all of the app features (track and number shots, save photos, review sessions, record video and stills).

    The LONGSHOT™ Hawk Features

    • 7-hour runtime
    • Live HD video
    • 2-year warranty
    • Weather-resistant
    • Drop-resistant
    • No cell service required

    LONGSHOT™ Marksman

    Longshot Marksman

    The Longshot Marksman is a 300-yard capable target camera system. The independent HD camera streams live video to your cell phone or tablet allowing you to make quick and accurate adjustments. Best of all, the system doesn’t require cell phone service to work.

    LONGSHOT™ Marksman Features

    • Guaranteed 300-yard range
    • Tripod elevates camera and antenna to ensure signal and avoid terrain interference
    • Quick, easy setup
    • 12-hour runtime
    • 2-year warranty
    • Weather-resistant
    • Drop-resistant
    • No cell service required

    LONGSHOT™ Ultra HD LR-3

    Longshot ULTRA HD LR-3

    The Longshot Ultra HD LR-3 is at the bleeding edge of target camera technology. Longshot boasts a quick set-up, 12-hour run time and 2 miles guaranteed range. With live Full Ultra HD (2688×1512) video, the camera will make spotting hits (or misses) a breeze. A portion of TargetVisions full press release  describes some more of the features of the Ultra HD LR-3

    Cameras with a WiFi connection that set up adjacent to your target and send real time imagery to your phone or tablet via our app. With LONGSHOT™, “You can see your shot without leaving your spot!”

    Other target cameras make claims of long distance connectivity, yet typically fall well short of the promises made. LONGSHOT’s patented Go the Distance™ Link Technology truly reaches the promised range of two miles.

    Longshot Setup
    As with the other products on this list, the Longshot ultra HD LR-3 requires no cell service to operate. All three cameras come with the same 2-year warranty.

    Of special note, the “shot locator” feature seems like it would be extremely helpful in locating your fresh shot as opposed to trying to remember it off-hand. I also appreciate just how compact and discrete the cameras are compared to some other target camera systems. If the ranges and run times are what TargetVision says they are, these cameras may offer some of the best improvements to the long-range shooting experience.

    More information about TargetVision and the Longshot cameras can be found on their website. If you’d like to discuss hunting and long-range shooting, feel free to stop by our discord server. As always, your comments are welcomed and encouraged in the comments below.

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