JMac Customs MTC-1 AK-47 Compensator/Multitool

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    Yes, you read that right – this is not just a muzzle rise compensator. What’s really cool about this muzzle device is that it’s designed to be also used as a tool for disassembling your AK-47. In fact, the model name of this gadget, MTC-1, stands for Multi Tool Compensator … and 1 means that it is “First of its kind”! Let’s take a closer look and see what exactly the JMac Customs MTC-1 does.

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    This muzzle device is made of 17-4ph stainless steel and features a black nitrided finish. It is 1.9″ long, 0.74″ wide and weighs less than one ounce. Its dimensions allow attaching a bayonet right over it should you want to. The U-shaped front portion can be used to secure a chain link or a lock shank and cut it by firing a round.

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    Now, it becomes a multitool when you take it off the rifle. The lip on the bottom front portion of this muzzle device can be used as a screwdriver for unscrewing or tightening pretty much all the screws that you can find on your standard AK – the grip screw, buttplate screws, and the screws holding the stock to the rear trunnion. Yes, you are right, these screws are normally tight and you can’t probably unscrew them or screw back tightly enough by rotating that 3/4″ diameter thing. Well, that’s why JMac Customs designed a way to have leverage: you can pass the cleaning rod through the MTC-1 and voila – you have a ton of leverage.

    The top slotted lip of MTC-1 can be used to rotate the gas tube retaining lever which oftentimes is quite tight. You can also use that slot to grab and rotate the lower handguard retaining lever. The screwdriver bit will also come in handy for compressing the rear sight leaf spring when removing the rear sight.

    All the described features of the MTC-1 are shown in the below-embedded video:

    J-Mac Customs MTC-1 muzzle device is available for preorder at an MSRP of $57.95. The estimated start of shipping is October 12, 2019.

    What I really like is the general design philosophy of this product. It’s designed in Kalashnikov style, with simplicity and multi-functionality in mind. I think someone should make a similar multi-functional muzzle device for AR-15s with a geometry allowing to scrape the carbon buildup on the bolt and inside the bolt carrier (without taking the muzzle device off). What do you think about the MTC-1 and the idea of having a multi-use muzzle device in general?

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