Catalyst Arms Apex Bag Rider

    The Catalyst Arms’ new Bag Rider is made for the Ruger Precision Rifle buttstock but should fit anything with a Picatinny rail in the back.

    If you use your Ruger as intended, that is shooting Precision Rifle with it, you’re going to like to have a bag in the rear to help you keep the reticle in place. The bag rider is a simple product, but it is something I’d rather have than not.

    Made out of matte black Nylon 11, the Bad Rider has a MSRP of $44.95.

    I am taking an educated guess here, and presume that the bag riders are made in HP 3D Printers. There’s nothing wrong with that, probably one of the best applications as the strenght and finish is going to be more than good enough for the purpose.

    In their own words:

    You asked for it and we delivered. Check out our new Apex bag rider specifically designed for the RPR butt stock.

    The Apex is wider than the factory bottom Picatinny rail, providing a better rest on bags, packs or even the support hand to help remain steady while taking a shot.

    To help get on target the Apex Bag Rider’s angled shape allows for generous amount of rapid elevation adjustment. Simply slide your rear support bag forward or backward to raise or lower the butt stock.

    This lets the stock rest on the bag rather than relying on uneven applied grip pressure to maintain the desired shooting position. The Apex fits short action and magnum action Ruger Precision Rifles.

    It slides over the factory bottom Picatinny rail and is locked down with a single screw without any modification or disassembly of the rifle. It is lightweight and snag resistant.

    They also commented:

    It will fit any Picatinny rail of course. We actually ran one on the Magpul PRS stock in some matches…it wasn’t pretty but it worked great. It will definitely be longer than the Rimfire rail and stick our the front.



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