New SCCY CPX-4 .380 ACP Pistol: New Budget Carry Contender?

    New for 2019 SCCY is releasing its SCCY CPX-4, a .380 semi-auto pistol that adds to the existing line of CPX-3 Pistols. The CPX-4 is similar to the CPX-3 but with some new features, including an ambidextrous thumb safety to appeal to customers who carry with manual safety guns. 

    The CPX-4 also includes some items off the previous CPX-3 such as the Roebuck QuadLock Barrel. The Roebuck QuadLock barrel is designed to provide the shooter with more sustainable accuracy. The CPX-4 will come equipped to handle a 10+1 capacity and will feature fixed 3-dot sights.

    SCCY CPX-4 Features

    • Magazine: Includes (3) double stack, 10-round capacity magazines. 1 with finger extension base installed and 2 with flat bases.
    • Barrel: Machined from bar stock with 7 lands and grooves having a 1:16-inch right-hand twist.
    • Receiver: 7075‐T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy, machined from bar stock.
    • Slide: Quality Stainless Steel available with Natural Stainless or Black Nitride finish.
    • Grip/Frame: Made from Zytel polymer, with ergonomic finger grooves.
    • Recoil Spring System: All steel, fully encapsulated for ease of disassembly and reassembly.
    • Slide Lock/Release: Steel with a Zytel over-molded polymer extension for ease of operation.
    • 3 Dot Sight System: Steel rear sight, adjustable for windage only with locking screw.
    • Hammer Firing System: Double-action only, internal hammer with inertial firing pin to prevent accidental discharge if dropped.
    • Safety: Ambidextrous manual safety.
    • Double-action trigger: Specifically designed for shooter comfort and accuracy by designing the system to have a smooth effortless, consistent 9-pound trigger pull.

    Old and busted or new hotness?

    The SCCY CPX line of pistols do tend to have certain drawbacks in my opinion. They have heavy triggers due to their double action only triggers and in my hands, they tend to be a bit on the small side. That being said, many people who I know that own them love their CPX pistols. I guess I’m a bit spoiled carrying around a striker-fired gun all day.

    Personally, I can’t wait to get one of these into the hands of Hop over on TFBTV. He is bound to have some good opinions and facts about the budget blaster which now retails for a scant $305.00 MSRP. What do you all think of the new CPX-4? Would you carry it? Is .380 enough insurance for you to be comfortable to carry with? With it being so inexpensive is there going to be something inherently wrong with it? Let us know down in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.


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