BCB Introduces New Cheek Piece for their FRAMM Adjustable Stock


    French DISPA officer with FRAMM (BCB)

    Earlier this month, at DSEI 2019, I caught up with BCB, the manufacturer of the FRAMM configurable stock that allows users wearing a helmet and visor to shoulder their weapon with or without their visor deployed. They will be soon introducing a new cheek piece for their stock.

    We’ve been following the development of this simple but effective product since 2017, when it was unveiled at the last DSEI exposition. BCB International, a British security and survival manufacturer based in Cardiff, Wales debuted their stock in the US at SHOT 2018 and since the stock has entered production and received some upgrades and improvements. They have also seen use with a number of agencies. Most prominently with France’s GIGN, the elite police tactical unit of the National Gendarmerie.

    BCB International’s original FRAMM Stock, in the extended position (BCB International)

    While a cheek, or chin, weld is impossible when wearing a visor and difficult when using a respirator when the stock is being used in its extended, conventional configuration it has proven difficult to get a comfortable weld with the drop of the stock necessitated by its design. As a result BCB have been working on a new removable cheek piece for the FRAMM stock which will provide a cheek rest for operators.

    The FRAMM stock with its new removable cheek piece, note also the metal stock attachment point and redesigned and chunkier stock pieces (BCB International)

    The new cheek piece is made of PA Polyamide Nylon, a high thermal stability plastic which is widely used. According to BCB, the cheek piece will fit onto existing versions of the FRAMM with the company’s EU Sales Manager, Daisy Hoek, confirming that the new cheek piece will be entering production next year and it will be compatible with earlier production FRAMM stocks.

    The FRAMM has been assigned a NATO NSN number and stocks for a wide range of weapons including the HK G36, FN SCAR, Beretta ARX-160, HK MP5 and UMPs and the CZ-Bren series.

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