Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying An Extended Spare Magazine

    In a past article, I talked about the pros and cons of carrying a spare magazine. In that article, I also talked about the different methods of carrying a spare magazine. It’s important to plan ahead when configuring your loadout in a concealed carry situation. Some of you have been asking what the best way to conceal carry an extended magazine. Others often ask if it’s even a good idea to carry a larger magazine.

    Extended Magazines and Carry Methods

    When looking at extended magazines there are a number of different options for aftermarket magazine extensions. Glock has some of the most aftermarket magazine extensions and there are a ton of different options. In the past, I’ve tried out the Zev magazine extensions and the Taran Tactical baseplate extensions as well. I’ve had some great luck with the Taran Tactical baseplates for being reliable. One of the downsides of installing a baseplate extension is it adds extra length and bulk to a magazine.

    Depending on what way you decide to carry spare magazines, this can affect concealability and comfort throughout the day. Carrying an extended magazine on the belt is where the added bulk and length are usually noticed the most. A baseplate extension will add a bit of mass to your daily carry, and with a belt, it can often be hard to carry in the summertime when it’s warmer out. Personally, when I carry a spare magazine on my belt, I will usually keep it the standard size. The extended magazine feels a lot larger than it actually is when carrying it on your belt line.

    Probably one of the easiest ways I’ve found to carry a spare magazine is using a pocket clip system like the NeoMag system. This system has a magnet that holds the magazine in place without having to carry it on your belt line. Luckily, NeoMag has both standard mag carriers and extended mag carriers. These extended mag carriers have a longer pocket clip to help accommodate the extended baseplate and make the magazine ride lower so its concealed.

    My Opinion on Concealing Extended Magazines

    In most cases, I’m the type of person who will typically carry a spare magazine when I go out. I know there’s an extremely low chance that I will need a spare magazine in a self-defense situation. Honestly, though, I don’t mind carrying the extra weight for the peace of mind it provides. I usually carry my spare magazines with the NeoMag in my pocket. The NeoMag makes carrying a spare magazine easier. After a long day, it’s still very comfortable to carry extended magazines. I think certain magazines are going to be easier to conceal carry just because they have slimmer profiles than others.

    The SIG Sauer P320 X-Five magazines are a good example of a magazine that is beneficial without being cumbersome. Even when you carry something smaller like an X-Compact, it’s really nice to be able to carry a larger magazine in your pocket. The biggest issue I’ve had with spare magazines is the extra weight and feeling that weight on your pants all day long. The larger magazines do become uncomfortable after carrying them all day for me. Being a bigger guy with a gut, I prefer to use something like the NeoMag so I can easily carry an extended magazine without the hassle.

    Different NeoMag Sizes shown on P365 magazines

    Overall Thoughts

    When it comes down to it, I will usually carry a standard capacity magazine when I conceal carry. I will sometimes carry a larger extended magazine. but it will be with the NeoMag instead of a belt mag carrier.  I know there’s a lot of discussions if a spare magazine is necessary when it comes to daily carry. Honestly, I think at the end of the day it’s up to each of you to decide whether a spare magazine is necessary or not.

    There’s always application for different concealed carry load outs and I think it’s important to remain dynamic and have the ability to change over time. I think there is definitely a place to carry an extended magazine if it’s practical and makes sense for the place and situation you find yourself in. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. I know there’s a lot of debate on this topic so feel free to talk about your opinion below. If you guys have questions feel free to send me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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