Breaking: SIG Sauer Responds To SEPTA P320 Media Report

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Last week, WHYY Philadelphia reported that “The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating an incident in which a SEPTA police officer’s service weapon fired without manipulation while holstered.” In the days following the initial report, SEPTA Police made a decision to replace all 350 issued pistols with GLOCK 17s on loan from the Philadelphia Police Department followed by making an emergency purchase of brand new pistols for all SEPTA officers.

The Philadelphia Police’s Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Unit declared a preliminary inspection of the SEPTA P320 involved in the incident “found no cause for the weapon’s firing without manipulation”, a follow up investigation by PPD’s Firearms Forensic Unit determined the pistol and it’s safeties were functioning as designed. It remains unclear why the both the media reports and the department’s actions were made in haste and without the the results of a comprehensive investigation.

In an effort to get a full and complete picture of the situation, TFB reached out to SIG Sauer for comment on the SEPTA P320 reports. SIG’s response is posted below.

Breaking: SIG Sauer Responds To SEPTA P320 Reports

The decision by WHYY’s (NPR – Philadelphia) to recycle a disproven and agenda-driven story while omitting and misrepresenting key facts speaks volumes of their true politics and what they think of their audience. The SIG SAUER P320 is one of the most innovative and sought-after pistols in the firearms market, and the pistol of choice for all branches of the United States Military (M17/M18), along with numerous law enforcement agencies and other military units worldwide.

Credible experts, including media, from inside and outside the firearms industry have answered any questions with regards to the P320, and determined, conclusively the safety of the P320 pistol. Further, it has been determined that SIG SAUER responded quickly and comprehensively to a matter that focused on the negligent handling of a firearm — not a problem with the design or function of the pistol, which has always exceeded all safety standards.

Still, two years ago SIG SAUER announced a free P320 upgrade to its consumers. The upgrade took the safety of the SIG SAUER P320 pistol to an unprecedented level of safety, one far beyond existing standards of other pistols on the market today. SIG SAUER stands by this decision, and continues to recommend that anyone who has not participated in this upgrade should do so. It is safe to say this is one of the most tested and proven firearms in history.

As for the report of an unintended discharge involving the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), it is premature to report anything as fact during an ongoing investigation, but here is what we know: SEPTA sent the P320 in question to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Firearms Forensics Unit and they determined the pistol and its safeties were functioning as designed. It is not clear at this time whether this unintended discharge was negligent handling or accidental.


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