Send in the Dogs! High Desert Rifle Works to Now Carry Blackhound Optics

    high desert rifle works

    High Desert Rifle Works is a premier organization for not only long-range tutelage, but they are well known for their keen eye in quality optics. This discerning attention to detail has lead them to now carry Blackhound Optics; specifically, their Genesis Series. The founder and owner of High Desert Rifle Works, Thomas Gomez, is a master of long-range shooting and has applied that skill-set and passion to his company since its inception in 2014. The product selection for High Desert Rifle Works has burgeoned over the years from custom cutlery to improved Tikka bottom metal and now the stocking of the Genesis Series of riflescopes from Blackhound Optics. Thomas goes on to further explain his decision in this Press Release statement:

    CEDAR CREST, New Mexico – August 27, 2019 – High Desert Rifle Works has become an authorized Dealer for Blackhound Optics, and will immediately offer their customers six accurate, affordable and guaranteed rifle scopes from Blackhound Optics’ Genesis Series.

    Blackhound Optics exceeded expectations during in-house testing, including reticles that tracked accurately, glass that outperformed its price class, and clear, communicative adjustment components. Due to these testing results, High Desert Rifle Works has concluded that Blackhound Optics provides reliable and affordable hunting and precision rifle opportunities for customers seeking to maximize the capabilities of their rifle – with the confidence and security of a fully-transferable, lifetime guarantee.

    high desert rifle works

    Blackhound Optics Genesis 1-4×24 FFP MOA

    All of the optics that are currently available from High Desert Rifle Works on their website vary from $279 – $425 putting them all in very affordable territory. These scopes are well suited for nearly all types of shooting. Close-quarter engagement, long-distance shooting, hunting, competition, and everything in between.

    High Desert Rifle Works has already done the leg work to ensure these scopes are accurate, track correctly, and afford the shooter with a crystal clear view of their target. They are also bringing them to market at an affordable price. The only thing left is a possible warranty for when life gets a little hairy or when we are a bit clumsy, and Blackhound Optics has you covered there as well.

    No matter if you purchased your Blackhound Optic scope direct, or the auction off Hwy 6 – our fully-transferable lifetime guarantee carries our promise to replace your scope (free of charge) in the event of a defect or non-performance.

    Sage advice once given to me on a firing line a long time ago was you cannot shoot what you cannot see, and I do not know if truer words have ever been spoken since. An optic delivered to your front door from High Desert Rifle Works in the form of a Genesis Series Blackhound should make that task quite easy. Have any of our readers gotten behind a rifle that was outfitted with a Blackhound optic before? Let us know what your thoughts are in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    high desert rifle works

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