Vudoo Gun Works Adds .17 HM2 to V22 Series of Rifles

    St. George, Utah’s own Vudoo Gun Works has been at the cutting edge of rimfire technology and engineering since bringing their V22 to the gun market back in 2017. The V-22, which is a patent-pending rimfire repeater action, matches the short action of the Remmington 700. This creates an extremely precise, “true-to-scale” precision rifle.

    The V-22 redefined the playing field for all rimfire competitors. Since then, Vudoo Gun Works has been leading the way through ever-increasing feats of rimfire innovation in an ever-changing industry.

    v22 ODgreen

    Vudoo Gun Works is now proud to present its new .17 HM2 action to the V22 family of rimfire rifles. With .22LR and .17HM2 being similar in dimensions, the new rifle gives customers of Vudoo access to a wider range of high-velocity projectiles. This grants the shooter a better variety for every sporting application as far as ammunition selection.

    Another benefit of the platform is that the .17HM2 will fit inside the already existing .22LR Vudoo magazines,. This allows a quick switch from plinking to varmint hunting with minimal change in the platform. Those familiar with the feel and cadence of the V22 action will find themselves right at home with the .17HM2.

    .17HM2 action

    The .17HM2 was developed by Hornady in 2004 to give varmint hunters a high-velocity rimfire cartridge. The Mach 2 fits in standard rimfire length actions. With the big success of its predecessor the popular.17HMR Hornady was set to strike gold again. Hornady made the Mach 2 with the intention of offering a less expensive .17 caliber rimfire cartridge but with many of the advantages of the .17HMR.

    With a selection of V-MAX® or NTX® bullets, the round is capable of taking prairie dogs, coyote, and fox size game at ranges of up to 200 yards. Customers looking to purchase a Vudoo Gun Works rifle chambered in .17HM2 will enjoy using existing .22LR Vudoo magazines.


    V22 and .17HM2 Features

    • Short action Remington 700 footprint
    • Magazines fit standard AICS compatible bottom metal
    • Large selection of aftermarket triggers 
    • Large selection of aftermarket stocks
    • V-MAX and NTX bullet options

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